Builds Out Its Affiliate Program and Announces Many New Options

Niagara Falls, NY, June 13, 2007 --(, one of the world’s largest privately owned meta-search feed providers announced today that it has released many new options for their Affiliate Program. “We feel that our Affiliates are very important, and should have a variety of options to choose from”, says Ron Halleen CEO/President of

With FinditQuick, it is all about choices. Their extremely flexible program and easily navigated ad system offers numerous options to suit the needs of many different publishers and site types. These include everything from script type options to keyword choices for ad content.

One of many new options offered by are their “In-Line Quick Ads”. When choosing this publisher ad type, advertiser ads are hidden in the page content and appear when a unique user mouses over any double underlined words displaying in the content of the web page. During the ad code creating process Publishers have the option to choose up to 20 keywords to underline, or let the system determine them for you. FinditQuick’s quick scan smart system will automatically compare and count words on the page, compare them to the database of bid prices and inventory and determine the highest paying words in the content to underline. “This type of ad placement is an excellent option for forums and content rich sites who want to maintain the look of their site and still generate revenue from ads”, says Ron.

Generation of contextual ad codes in the FinditQuick system has proven to be very easy, with all sorts of different options for publishers to use, making sure, once again that they create and place ads of their choice. While generating ads there are options for both java script and php codes. Color schemes, size choice, content, and output selection are also choices within the ad generation process. “We feel that it is extremely important for our Publishers to have the ability to choose what goes on their sites”, says Ron.

Revenue is a very important factor in choosing the ad company to supply ads for the Publisher’s sites. At FinditQuick, for that extra boost in Affiliate revenue, in addition to the cost-per-click (CPC) that the contextual ad publishers receive, has made a business decision to also pay cost per impression (CPM) at a rate of up to $10.00. “This extra bonus shows our Affiliates that we appreciate their business, no matter how big or small their sites are”, says Ron. FinditQuick also has an advertiser side to their extensive business platform. When the Affiliate sites are entered into the Ad Manager, they are placed into a database, which is constantly scanned by their Advertisers. Advertisers can then choose specific sites in the Affiliate network to bid on. This cross bidding for placement will not only get advertisers more targeted traffic, but also drive up affiliate earnings. has continued to optimize their services and will continue to do so to suit the needs of Affiliates already in their program, as well as those looking for CPC programs to join.

About Finditquick entered the online market in March 2000 as one of the first independently owned PPC Search Engine Platforms. Steadily growing over the course of the past 7 years, they offer both extensive and successful Affiliate and Advertising Programs, both with excellent customer support. Working with more than 40 feeds of inventory, from agencies, house advertisers, and third party providers, its keyword base reaches over the 200 million mark, ensuring they have extensive coverage for Publishers ads. To learn more about FinditQuick please visit


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