Announces New Additions to Its Already Massive Online Shop

Created by cat lovers, for cat lovers, aims to provide toys and accessories for even the most finicky felines. In addition to offering a wide variety of high quality cat beds, accessories and condos, the site also offers substantial discounts on their products.

Austin, TX, June 01, 2012 --( Cat lovers are devoted pet owners and want to ensure that their felines are entertained, happy and feel safe. As people who are owned by these furry creatures know, ensuring that that they are given a cat scratching post and cat toys are important parts of keeping cats occupied and furniture safe. Since each cat has its own distinct personality, the site offers a wide array of products and accessories for cats and cat lovers.

Some recent additions to their store are new cat beds, cat scratching posts and cat trees. There are a variety of new beds available, including a plush circular bed that is machine washable and waterproof. It also has a skid proof bottom, so cats that dive into the bed won't go skidding across the floor. Additionally, if someone feels the need to really pamper their pet, there is a memory foam bed that has a removable faux suede cover.

Another part of the store that has just received some new items is the cat scratching post section. Scratching posts are musts for any household with cats because cats need to be able to sharpen their claws, and if there is not a scratching post, a cat will make one out of furniture. New additions include both a cedar and sisal inclined scratching posts. They are designed to stay upright and in place with a no-tip design and rubber feet.

For cat owners that want to provide their pets a jungle gym, has the answer: cat trees. These are multi-level buildings for cats that allow them to sleep, climb and sharpen their claws. Their newest addition is over six feet tall and offers four levels for cats to play on.

All items sold in the store come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and orders over $99 come with free shipping.
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Jordan Denny