Chelsea Decorative Metal Company Have Brought Back Tin Ceilings with Original Designs That Date Back to the 1800's

Chelsea is a company that manufactures and distributes tin ceilings. This press release will mention the material, styles that are still available, the pattern sizes and the different finishes, the popularity of the metal and the rooms they decorate, and where they can be purchased.

Houston, TX, June 03, 2012 --( Of interest to all home remodelers is knowing that the old time pressed tin ceilings are still available. Chelsea Decorative Metal Company out of Houston, Texas manufactures and distributes these pressed tin ceilings. They have original designs that date back to the 1800's and are stamped on a 600 ton press which makes for excellent quality. The material is tin-plated steel, which has wonderful paint retention. The sheets come 2' x 4' for easy installation which the do-it-yourselfers love. There are also 2' x 2' sheets for suspended ceiling.

The patterns come in 3", 6", 12" or 24" repeat patterns. Cornice, like a crown molding, is also available and come in four-foot lengths, but vary in width from 2" to 9". While tin ceilings can be installed in any room of the house, kitchens are the most popular areas, but can also be found in a den, game room or man cave, and they can add elegance to a formal dining room. Bedrooms, hallways and even bathrooms are not immune to the attractiveness that tin ceilings provide. To the delight of many designers, doing a back splash has become quite popular. Used for either new construction or restoration.

Chelsea has friendly and knowledgeable people, and Glenn "The Tinman" Eldridge himself is the only person still in the business that has actually installed tin ceilings. The metal tiles are only $2.25 a sq. ft., and he says, "You won't find anything as inexpensive and as decorative as tin ceilings." He also says, "The only thing more outstanding than the quality of our product is our service." With almost every design in stock, they can ship most orders immediately. The Tinman also does drawings and will talk with you or your builder throughout the installation process.

The newest products that are available are beautiful hand-painted finishes including copper patina, gothic gold, tuscan sunset and antique pewter to name a few. There is also a bright copper finish as well. All reasonably priced and can be found at You can view the many tin ceiling designs, patterns, finishes and a gallery with pictures of the finished installations. They ship anywhere in the world.
Chelsea Decorative Metal Company
Glenn Eldridge
8212 Braewick
Houston, TX 77074