Bournes Introduces House Removals Check List

East Sussex, United Kingdom, June 03, 2012 --( Leading UK specialist for cost-effective, streamlined house removals, Bournes have recently developed a service pack for clients to use to keep track of all the key information relating to their house move. This service pack is designed for the first-time mover and will act to provide clients with an insight as to which requirements to consider when planning a professional move from one property to another.

The first element included within the moving pack allows clients to keep track of all the interactions with parties involved in the move, such as estate agents, mortgage companies, solicitors etc. Having this information easily accessible within one data centre will provide for superior information recovery at key points during the move.

The second element that Bournes includes within their house removals check list is a section that allows clients to keep track of closing moving activities such as paying final bills and closing accounts with specific organisations. By helping clients to keep track of these activities, they can reduce the client’s expenditure on additional charges such as late payments as well as reduce headaches due to process inconveniences later on.

The final part of this pack from Bournes involves the client’s “essentials” box. This area of the pack lists the key items the clients might require on moving day, and therefore should be packed last after all other belongings. By creating an essentials box, clients can better organise their move on the day to ensure that they’re prepared for every eventuality.

Making sense of complex moving procedures, Bournes continues to be a leader for streamlined removals solutions. To learn more about the company or to download their latest moving guide, please visit the company’s website at
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