Independent Filmmakers Tackle Sensitive Subject

Now in post-production for a Fall 2012 release, Ferocious (a "Chaos, a film company" production) is creating buzz within the independent film industry. Written and Directed by Robert Cuffley, the story focuses on a sensitive subject prevalent online today.

Calgary, Canada, June 09, 2012 --( Independent Filmmakers don't always get to take a popular topic and make a movie out of it. For Robert Cuffley, Director of the soon to be released Thriller Ferocious, that's exactly what has happened. Ferocious explores a sensitive subject prevalent online today; the celebrity sex tape.

"There's an element of violation whenever someone is photographed/recorded/videotaped without their knowing about it," explained Cuffley. "People didn't even much like Google taking pictures of where they live, so you can imagine how an intimate act videotaped without someone's knowledge, stored for later use, then surfacing at the absolute least opportune time, would be a terrible thing to live through."

In this independent film we follow the story of an American TV star (played by actress Amanda Crew) who finds her life turned upside down when a video tape appears, exposing her past exploits as a sleazy nightclub worker. To make matters worse, Crew finds her character subjected to an attempted extortion from those who now have hold of the tape.

"In an age where celebrity sex tapes are ubiquitous, Ferocious takes a different spin on things," Robert Cuffley, the films' Director says, "I was more interested in a character knowing this tape is out there and having to live, day-to-day, not knowing when (or if) it will be sold to the media. That kind of inner turmoil is great for an actor to play with."

Ferocious is dark, disturbing and everything an independent film should be.
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