TomatoInk Now Serving the Public with High Quality Service, Low Prices

TomatoInk is a new company that is offering ink cartridges at industry low prices.

Portland, OR, June 06, 2012 --( TomatoInk is proud to announce that they are now open to the public. By offering the best prices on ink and Toner cartridges, as well as other accessories, they plan on providing a high quality service to both individuals and businesses.

A large selection of the most popular products combined with top of the line customer service have gone a long way in making TomatoInk a success, despite the fact that they have only been serving customers for a very short period of time.

There are several details that set this company apart from others in the industry.

Low Prices

When compared to traditional outlets, TomatoInk is able to offer prices that are up to 80% less. This goes a long way in helping both individuals and companies save money on the cost of ink and other related products.

One Year Money Back Guarantee

Consumers need peace of mind in today's day and age. And when they buy from TomatoInk that is exactly what they get. With a money back guarantee, every buyer knows that he or she is getting what they pay for. TomatoInk is so confident in their products that they offer this guarantee with no reservations.

Fast Shipping

Nobody wants to wait too long for their order to arrive. TomatoInk is well aware that people are waiting on their ink and other products. This is why they strive to offer the fastest shipping in the industry. All orders that are placed by 4PM EST are shipped the same business day. This goes a long way in ensuring that each and every order is filled on time and shipped as quickly as possible.

A spokesperson for TomatoInk had this to say about the company's launch:

"We are very excited about the ability to offer a high level of service to our customers, while also being able to sell products at a great discount. When you add our service and low prices, we are truly one of the best options in the industry."

Buying Ink cartridges online is not as challenging as it sounds. Customers of TomatoInk have an easy time finding what they are looking for, without wasting too much time searching the site. With a simple navigation structure, it is easy for the consumer to locate the cartridge that is compatible with their particular printer.

TomatoInk works with the top manufacturers in the industry including but not limited to Brother, HP, Canon, Epson, Samsung, Dell, and Lexmark among many others.

"We don't come up short when it comes to the number of partnerships we have established," the same spokesperson added. "No matter what make and model printer our customer has, it is safe to say that we will have the ink cartridge they are looking for - at a price that they can afford."

TomatoInk is proud to be serving the public, offering service to customers all over the world. Their customer service and low prices are going to help the company move to the forefront of the industry.
Jacky Wattson