New Flea Market Located in Uptown New Orleans

Access To Treasure is a new Open-Air-Market located in the heart of historic Central City New Orleans. While most people would refer to Access To Treasure as a flea-market, this company prefers the term Open–Air-Market, as many more varied items are offered than are typically found at a run of the mill flea market.

New Orleans, LA, June 06, 2012 --( What's an Open-Air-Market you ask? Well here's the gist...Think garage/yard sale meets festival marketplace meets thrift store with a little art gallery all mixed into one wonderful shopping gumbo. Access To Treasure is also planning to incorporate local entertainment in the next few weeks.

Access To Treasure's location & hours are as follows:
2059 Jackson Ave., New Orleans, La. 70113 every Saturday now through September from 8am-4pm.

Access To Treasure understands the importance of recycling the things consumers have of value but no longer make use of.

Lifestyles have changed and Access To Treasure is in a position to teach others the importance of getting the most for their dollars. Not only has their company taken the opportunity to pass on savings, but our business is made up of local vendors who are doing the same. In the spirit of a co-op, Access To Treasure is allowing others in the community to join in learning the value of recycling valuables. In this economy people are looking to get more bang for their bucks. Thrift stores & flea markets are quickly replacing department stores as go to locations for higher ticket items. Access To Treasure would like to fill the need to cut back on the money families have to spend so they can redirect their incomes to more productive needs.

Current Vendors Products include but are not limited to:

Avon Products

Artwork & Framed Pictures
Girls' Summer Dresses & Hand Crafted Accessories

Latasia Jewelry
Hand Made Jewelry

Silk Flowers & Bottle Cap Earrings
Home Décor

Hand Made Door Wreaths
Designer Handbags (legal)

Pork Cracklings & Sweets
New Orleans 504, Fleur De Lis Customized Jewelry & Clothing
Shea Butter & Black Soap

Refreshment & Food

& Much Much More...

Their vendor products are subject to change weekly.

“I was just driving past when I saw the banner We are currently offering vendor opportunities at the low cost of $15.00/week. This price is subject to change in the next few months. We also offer consignment opportunities at the cost of table rental + 20% of sales. That’s just half the current market rate for consignment. We are unique in that there are currently no other weekly Markets of this type located in the uptown area of New Orleans.

“It’s been a pleasure helping out here at Access To Treasure. As a people person I enjoy the opportunity to meet new people, hear new stories & share new ideas about spreading the assets of a business like Access To Treasure. We should have these in every neighborhood in the city.”-Kevin Reed-Staff Member

“I was just driving past when I saw the banner and thought, how on earth could I pass up Access To Treasure? It’s very conveniently located & I was really shocked by the quality of merchandise. I guarantee I’ll be back next week & I’m bringing my girlfriends with me.”-Anna Laterro, Garden District, New Orleans

“As a retiree, I wasn’t too sure about coming out every weekend in the heat, but when I saw that the space was a covered area & that it was a safe location, I talked it over with my wife & she agreed we’d give it a 2 week trial. Long story short we’ve been here every weekend since they opened.” –Eddie Easterling, Vendor
Access To Treasure/Open-Air-Market
Jennifer Laners
(504) 452-1266