Parseous Systems Announces Cognitive Radios for an Undetectable, Uninterruptable, Up to 30 Mile Per Link, Private Wireless Security Network Without Spectrum Acquisition

Parseous cognitive radios deliver an undetectable, uninterruptable private wireless network without spectrum acquisition. Companies can capture real-time video images, alarming, monitor, turn on/off equipment, lock/unlock doors, send/receive sound for locations locally to tens to hundreds of miles away. The radios are FCC approved for the 217-220 MHz frequency and do not interfere with any pre-existing licensed users, if any. They dynamically switch channels and operate in a mobile environment.

Orlando, FL, June 05, 2012 --( Parseous Systems is pleased to announce the availability of their cognitive radios for the deployment of undetectable, uninterruptable, long-range, private wireless security networks without the expense of acquiring spectrum.

Parseous line of Cognitive radio’s are FCC Part 90 approved for use in the 217-220 MHz frequency which is available for industrial use in a shared environment. The 200 MHz frequency range is excellent for providing distance and propagating through buildings and foliage. It also does not require line of sight or tall towers.

To be FCC approved to operate in these frequencies on a shared basis the radios cannot interfere with existing licensed (if any) users. Once licensed you become a pre-existing licensee and any subsequent licensee’s have the added requirement to not interfere with you.

To achieve the non-interference requirement, Parseous utilizes its patented Automated Spectrum Adaptation Protocol and Dynamic Frequency Selection and Avoidance functionalities which cause the radios to dynamically and instantaneously switch channels, choosing from the 240 channels allocated, whenever usage is detected. This functionality is what also delivers a virtually “undetectable” as well as “uninterruptable” network.

“Never before has a long-distance, undetectable, uninterruptable private radio network been available not to mention without the need to purchase spectrum. The application uses are tremendous,” says Brian J Andrew, CEO Parseous Systems. Andrew continues “Video cameras can now be deployed locally to tens to hundreds of miles away in remote areas and send back images real-time. Likewise any type of equipment can be monitored, turned on or off, doors open or closed, real-time monitoring of alarms, send or receive sound and more with a Parseous wireless network.”

The Parseous radios operate in point-to-multi-point, consecutive point, multi-hop, point-to-point and all-point (mesh) network configurations. They also operate on a mobile, moving basis. There is virtually no distance limitation when placing radios in a chain type deployment (consecutive point). Every type of industry from oil and gas pipelines, to electric power lines, railways, large complexes, university campuses, farm operations, military installations, to locations with waterway impediments can benefit from a Parseous network deployment.

About Parseous Systems
Parseous Patented Cognitive Radio Systems are currently in use in real-world applications including power companies, municipal water/sewage systems, remote farming and animal operations, and the U.S. military. The technology enables all spectrum sharing without interference. The radios monitor and adapt to all available channels, which allows them to dynamically adjust to transmit on a channel without current traffic. This capability allows Parseous radios to operate in previously allotted frequencies without the need for purchasing spectrum for industrial use. Parseous radios are inherently self-deploying—each deployed system finds the best channel available to communicate with other Parseous radios in the network. They can also be deployed in a mobile (moving) environment. Parseous' radios are FCC part 90 approved and manufactured in the US. To learn more please visit or contact the Orlando, Florida headquarters by phone at 1(407) 624-3030.
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