Data Protection: Bitpalast Websites Use 2-Click Solution for Facebook “Like” Button

Internet service provider Bitpalast improves data protection for its website visitors and uses a 2-click solution for the Facebook “like” button. Users have to explicitly agree before data is sent to Facebook.

London, United Kingdom, June 08, 2012 --( The social network Facebook offers a “like” button to website operators. If a user clicks the button, his or her Facebook friends are notified of him or her liking a specific website. A counter on the button also shows how many other users liked the website before. For website operators this is a welcome feature, akin to word of mouth. Facebook benefits as well: Since the Facebook button is implemented into a website, Facebook can mine data on users' surfing behavior and their interest, without their knowledge.

That is why data protectors criticize the “like” button. Without a website user’s knowledge, information about his surfing behavior is transferred to Facebook’s servers. In an effort to solve the problem the Heise publishing house recently suggested a 2-click solution: before clicking the button a popup box provides information about the ramifications of clicking it. The first click activates the “like” button, while the second click performs the actual “like” function.

Internet service provider Bitpalast uses the Facebook “like” button in the footer section of its websites and implemented a 2-click solution for all its websites. On those sites Facebook scripts are loaded only after the user has been informed about the data transfer to Facebook and has given his or her consent.

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