VISIBLE FORCE: Explosive-Formed Investigations Through Process and Steel by Rodrigo Nava at Yellow Peril Gallery

Nava's Explosive-Formed Investigations through Process and Steel turns our common read of steel into one quite foreign.

Providence, RI, June 08, 2012 --( Yellow Peril Gallery is pleased to present VISIBLE FORCE, a series of explosive-formed sculptures investigating the nature of process and the materiality of steel by Rodrigo Nava. This show runs from Thursday, 19 July to Sunday, 12 August 2012. Gallery Night Reception is Thursday, 19 July 2012.

Seen everyday in structural forms, steel hides its own materiality behind a symbol of strength. Nava's VISIBLE FORCE, at one time constructed and visually solid objects, hold within them the moment of ignition – the very process that bloated and altered one of our most familiar materials. Nava's work turns our common read of steel into one quite foreign – the marks and wrinkles of inflation convince us that this is a soft object, yet the common familiarity with this material tells us this shouldn't be so.

This contradiction brings with it a unique breed of authenticity. While defying common perceptions of an everyday material, these expanded forms extract a true vulnerability of steel. These bloated forms, once drafted, formed and welded by hand – are in one moment altered integrally from a designed and crisp steel unit to a bloated, wrinkled and puckered plastic form, reminiscent of helium balloons or dirigibles. In this, truth is a felt contradiction. The visual weight of steel is confused with the buoyancy of something inflated, lighter than air.

From the explosive technique of his Split & Rebound series, where hand carved stone was destroyed then sutured back to its original form, to earlier hydro-formed expansions created by high pressure water – Rodrigo Nava’s work creates a narrative of conversation between artist and process. Each sculpture exists as a visual embodiment of the exact moment when the work left the artist’s hand and became altered by the artist’s process.

VISIBLE FORCE will run at Yellow Peril Gallery from Thursday, 19 July to Sunday, 13 August 2012. Preview Reception is Friday, 15 June 2012; Gallery Night Reception is Thursday, 21 June 2012. Gallery hours are Thursday and Friday, 3PM – 8PM and Saturday and Sunday, 12PM – 5PM. Other days by appointment or chance.

About Rodrigo Nava
Rodrigo Nava is a process-oriented sculptor with a focus on explosive-forming techniques. Born in Mexico City, Mexico in 1978, Nava mentored under artists Edgar Guzman, Joseph Fichter, and Franco Ciarlo. Through these experiences, Nava became familiar with the sculptural use of stone, ironwork and mixed media. Nava took Fichter's position as Head of Sculpture Department at The Putney School in Putney, VT, returning to stone sculpture and incorporating process with materials such as wax, brass, and poured tin. From his current studio in Putney, Nava explores the interaction between the intentional hand of the sculpture, the material quality of steel and experimental explosive processes that alter the form created by hand. Although Nava frequents New York City, he maintains residence in Putney where he continues to teach part-time, and at times holds process-restrained, temporary art collaborations.

About Yellow Peril Gallery
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