An Insurance Company's Sacrifice to Help Graduating Students Succeed

The staff of Southern States Insurance agency cancelled their professional cleaning service, and took it upon themselves to clean their offices in order to save money. The purpose was to grant scholarship money to their clients college-bound graduates.

Ellijay, GA, June 08, 2012 --( The end of the school year provides a time of life fueled with excitement for new beginnings. Graduating High School seniors look ahead and aspire for careers in many fields of interest as they dream for what can be. Southern States Insurance's Ellijay office has made a sacrifice in order to help college-bound students succeed.

The Southern States Insurance Company staff decided to make a difference in the lives of students. The Georgia insurance company agreed to save up money each year to give as scholarship to college bound graduates, and where would the money come from? Cleaning.

Rooted in their belief of "helping people succeed," Southern States Insurance decided to no longer pay for a professional cleaning service in the office building and would clean up themselves everyday. The money saved was kept aside to give as a donation to those who look forward to new opportunities as they further their education.

Southern States Insurance began cleaning their offices in order to give seven years ago and this year six high school graduating students received scholarship to put towards their college tuition.

The insurance agency contributes money to the Gilmer Education Foundation and allocates giving towards their client's children who are bound for college. The 2012 Gilmer Education Foundation awarded over $121,000 to graduating seniors from Gilmer High School on May 8th, 2012. The Gilmer Education Foundation has been administrating scholarships for Gilmer High School graduates for over 20 years.

This year six client's children were rewarded with scholarships through Southern States Insurance's giving. It was a very proud moment as four personal insurance client’s children and two commercial insurance clients’ children were presented with financial aid to attend their colleges and universities of choice.

It is inspiring to give to young men and women as they make their way to exciting new adventures of life. Southern States Insurance believes in helping people succeed through trials and setbacks that occur. The staff believes they represent an insurance agency who will work to help you reach your goals.

Southern States Insurance in Georgia has been in the business for 20 years and believes they have been successful because of the relationships with clients. Their advice to the graduates is simple. Understand the value of relationships and work hard to succeed no matter what difficulties you may encounter.
Southern States Insurance
Alan McNaron