BluePrint Data Offers Brandable OEM Cloud Based DNS Internet Filtering

BluePrint Data provides beta release of its private label brandable cloud based DNS Internet Filtering Services.

Jacksonville, FL, June 09, 2012 --( BluePrint Data today announced the beta release of its private label brandable cloud based DNS Internet Filtering Services. The BluePrint Data DNS Internet Filter cloud service offers a Web content filtering service to help control Internet use in businesses and organizations as well as residential and family uses. The BluePrint Data URL filtering service and Parental Controls helps protect businesses and families from the negative implications of inappropriate Web content.

The BluePrint Data DNS based Internet Content filter service is designed for companies to integrate into their products and services or just brand as their own Web security and Internet Filter solution. The DNS Filter service is designed to meet the Web security and internet filtering needs of residential users and businesses of all sizes. It is highly configurable and contains a sophisticated database of tens of millions of websites. The service offers 66 website categories that can be used by businesses to tailor policies to promote acceptable Web usage and by families to disallow access to content inappropriate for children. By using the BluePrint Data Web Security DNS cloud based URL filtering service, IT departments can easily, transparently, and without software, implement a quick, reliable and configurable solution.

BluePrint Data has the highest quality URL filtering available as it uses people to complete 100% of its web site and URL reviews with multiple reviewers independently matching the categories prior to the web site / URL being added to the master URL Review database. With web site reviews in 63 languages and 66 categories of content such as Adult/Sexual to Weapons Promotion BluePrint Data has the best quality filtering product available. BluePrint Data is the only company to offer a “Zero False Positive” guarantee assuring their customer’s end users are not disallowed access to a website because it is incorrectly categorized. Blocking a Web site / URL that should be allowed can disrupt business operations and negatively impact productivity.

BluePrint Data is a leader in high quality OEM internet content filtering solutions and provides its OEM Web Filtering technologies and URL filter database to Internet Security manufacturers or providers (including VARs, Resellers, and others) that source their Internet Web Filtering databases and technologies from OEM providers such as McAfee/Secure Computing, RuleSpace, or WebSense and retail providers such as Open DNS and others.

“This additional service for service providers, software companies, and others is a demonstration of how BluePrint Data is committed to building additional features, functions, and tools and utilities for our existing and potential customer base enabling easier and quicker integration and lower costs,” said Bob Dahlstrom BluePrint Data’s CEO. “BluePrint Data has always prided itself on our excellent service, response and commitment to our customers and are continually finding new and innovative ways to unlock the value of our URL Filter database. We are happy to provide this cloud based internet filtering DNS service as it provides increased options and flexibility for companies looking at integrating cloud based back end operations of their Internet Content Filtering Services.”

About BluePrint Data.
BluePrint Data OEMs its URL filter and content filtering databases and technology products and services to Internet Security vendors such as Unified Threat Management (UTM), Managed Service Providers (MSP), Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) and Software as a Service (SaaS) providers as well as providing private label / OEM services to Value Added Resellers (VARs), Information Technology Providers, Anti Virus and Anti Spam service providers, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), and telecom, carriers, and ISPs and other companies. BluePrint Data has the world’s largest 100% human reviewed URL Filter Database that is combined with tools and services to provide easy integration of the BluePrint Data OEM URL Filter database.

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