Cyclops-6K Submersible Fluorometer Now Available for Refined Fuels and Blue Green Algae

The Turner Designs 6000 meter submersible fluorometer is now available with refined fuels and blue green algae (cyanobacteria) optics.

Sunnyvale, CA, June 11, 2012 --( Turner Designs is excited to introduce new optical configurations for the Cyclops-6K Submersible Fluorometer. New applications include Refined Fuels, Phycocyanin, and Phycoerythrin in addition to previously announced Chlorophyll, CDOM/FDOM, and Crude Oil. The Cyclops-6K’s reinforced Titanium housing and specialized optical head allow it to reach depths of 6000 meters. Offering the same low power requirements, high performance, and long-term stability as the Cyclops-7 Submersible Fluorometer, the Cyclops-6K is designed with system integration in mind. The analog output is easily integrated into CTDs, ROVs, or AUVs to monitor the deepest parts of the ocean. Available accessories include Solid Secondary Standards, Liquid Primary Standards, Flow Cap, Shade Cap, and Interface Cables.

Technology Profile
Turner Designs is continuously expanding our repertoire of optical instruments to meet new application requirements. Standard optical configurations include in vivo and extracted Chlorophyll, blue-green algae pigments such as phycocyanin and phycoerythrin, active fluorescence, Dissolved Organic Matter (Algal as well as Terrestrial), ammonium, optical brighteners, dye tracers, and crude and refined oils as well as infrared wavelengths used to detect turbidity. Data acquisition is available real-time and through several datalogging possibilities. Submersible instruments can be configured for depth profiling, long-term monitoring and horizontal mapping with GPS-integration at depths up to 6000 meters. Solid Secondary Standards which enable quick instrument verification and calibration checks are available for most applications and are known to hold their value over several years of usage.
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