Mystery Author Robert Thornhill Releases Lady Justice and the Candidate

Independence, MO, June 12, 2012 --( Award-winning author Robert Thornhill announces the release of the ninth installment in his Lady Justice mystery/comedy series, Lady Justice And The Candidate.

The first eight novels in the series, Lady Justice Takes A C.R.A.P. City Retiree Action Patrol, Lady Justice And The Lost Tapes, Lady Justice Gets Lei’d, Lady Justice And The Avenging Angels, Lady Justice And The Sting, Lady Justice And Dr. Death, Lady Justice and the Vigilante and Lady Justice and the Watchers are currently available through bookstores, online and on the author’s website.

Chris Fullerton Jones of Independence, Mo. writes: “And the next President of the United States is....Benjamin Franklin Foster??? Wait! Who's he?

“In Robert Thornhill's latest Walt Williams mystery/comedy novel, he proposes a third possible candidate in an upcoming presidential election. One who espouses all those great ideas one runs across on the Internet: community jobs for those on welfare or in prison; deregulation of all laws that deal with moral issues (alcohol, drugs, fat foods--imbibe at your own peril, but not outlawed); high tariffs on goods imported that are really junk so they would have to compete with American-made products that would cost more as they would be made by American labor; and much, much more.

“But hold on! Someone doesn't like what Foster is proposing! Surprise! He's made Big Oil, Wall Street, DC government, the FDA, lawyers, doctors, insurance companies...just about anyone on the Right and the Left...angry with him. He wants to throw out the corrupters and cut out waste. He wants to reform our country back to the ideals in a Lee Greenwood song so we can all be "Proud to Be An American" again. Someone wants him dead before election night.

“This is a well thought-out, timely story that hits at all the questions and unsettled feelings of many in our country today. With only a few more months until the real election, many wish a Ben Foster would come riding into town to save our country. As always, Thornhill gives the reader plenty of humor to keep the story from bogging down into a dry editorial. And, as always, Walt's desire for justice to triumph at the end of the day, gives the reader a sense of hope for the future. Agree with him or not, it's what most of middle America is discussing via emails, YouTube, and Face Book. What would your decision be?”

Robert has also written the seven volume set of Rainbow Road chapter books for children.
Robert Thornhill