Orange Collar Media, Web Design and Internet Marketing Firm, Announces South Beach Swimsuits Website Redesign and Development Launch with Magento Enterprise

Orange Collar Media, a top web design and development firm based in Denver, has been a huge presence in the field of Magento eCommerce platforms and continues to prove their expertise with another successful Magento Enterprise website launch.

Denver, CO, June 12, 2012 --( As one of the country’s leading developers of Magento, the number one shopping cart technology for internet merchandising, Orange Collar Media has widened its expertise to the most flexible and functional eCommerce solution available. Orange Collar Media has held the prestigious Gold Partner status in Magento’s Solutions Partners Program since the summer of 2011. Achieving Gold Partner status with Magento indicates Magento’s recognition of Orange Collar Media as one of the country’s leading developers of Magento.

On Thursday, May 17th, Orange Collar Media successfully launched the redesigned and redeveloped South Beach Swimsuits website using Magento Enterprise Edition 1.11. The team at South Beach Swimsuits looked for Magento expertise after dealing with an unreliable website and extreme difficulty managing their products. The previous developer did a poor job creating their original site on Community, so the site crashed often and product management was a nightmare because configurable products were hacked together in the backend of the site. South Beach Swimsuits expressed interest in upgrading their eCommerce presence, both in terms of the platform and Magento development expertise. Orange Collar Media suggested Magento Enterprise as the correct platform for the South Beach Swimsuits website because they were looking for a high level of customization for a large number of products.

The new and improved South Beach Swimsuits website boasts a very complex design due to the large number of configurable products (more than 30,000). Orange Collar Media’s work on the South Beach Swimsuits website was focused on reorganizing, restructuring, and reconfiguring the data so that customers would be directed to the product they are looking for quickly and easily. OCM created an entirely new logo and design for the South Beach Swimsuits site. Some new features of the site include RMA (return merchandise authorization) capabilities, customer segments, loyalty reward points, and Apache Solr search functionality. The finished product demonstrates the ability of Orange Collar Media to create highly technical and functional websites, as well as the extensive capabilities of the Magento Enterprise platform.

In addition, Orange Collar Media created a custom-designed layered navigation for South Beach Swimsuits to provide an improved customer experience. The South Beach Swimsuits website also now boasts a live chat option so customers can get advice and answers from the experts exactly when they want it. One of the biggest improvements with the new website is the powerful search function that searches all of the 30,000+ products and returns only the most relevant results. The design of the South Beach Swimsuits website is very complex and demonstrates the ability of Orange Collar Media to create highly technical and functional websites, as well as the capabilities of the Magento Enterprise platform.

The advanced and vastly improved eCommerce solutions Orange Collar Media has provided for South Beach Swimsuits have resulted in a functional, high performance Magento-hosted website providing customers with the most advanced online store technology available. There are not many other web development firms in the country that can boast what Orange Collar Media makes happen every day. According to Donna Grossman, the CEO of South Beach Swimsuits, “Orange Collar is fantastic and knows the Magento product inside and out. They are taking us to the next level with the new site and features of the Enterprise platform. They attend to every detail and are fantastic to work with.” Orange Collar Media is proud of the new South Beach Swimsuits website and are confident the marketing and SEO features of Magento Enterprise will help improve their visibility and sales.

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Orange Collar Media ( is a Denver based firm with over 30 years of programming and web design experience. Created with the goal of designing the best and most affordable websites for people who are looking to expand their business into the digital realm, Orange Collar Media is a full-service agency specializing in the Magento eCommerce platform with a history of success crafting award-winning digital solutions. Founded in 2010, Orange Collar Media has quickly grown into a top website design firm that is focused on creating the best Magento eCommerce stores. Orange Collar Media formed their business model on two main tenets: completing projects on time with excellence and exceeding the client's expectations. Orange Collar Media promises to deliver a unique marketing plan for each business that provides exactly the forms of marketing the company needs and nothing it doesn't.

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