$10,000 XtendPlay Design Challenge

Xwerx Launches Crowdsourcing Contest for Next Version of Its Critically Acclaimed Accessory

Venice, CA, June 13, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Xwerx, an interactive product-design company based in Venice, California, recently announced the details of its worldwide XtendPlay Design Challenge, a crowdsourcing endeavor that features a winner-take-all payout of up to $10,000.

“While we’ve been thrilled by the market reception and critical response to XtendPlay for PlayStation and Xbox 360, it’s time to build on that success and go directly to our customer base for their input on the next generation of the product,” said Dave Sparling, XtendPlay co-creator and Xwerx CEO. “Crowdsourcing has become pretty commonplace but usually there’s not much upside for those offering their ideas. To us, that’s just not a win-win, so we decided to go the contest route and offer a substantial prize to a single winner whose ideas help us forge the next generation of XtendPlay.”

Running now through July 30, 2012, the XtendPlay Design Challenge is quite straightforward:

· Get an Entry Reservation by buying either version of XtendPlay at xtendplay.com for only $7.99 USD (plus shipping)
· Use and enjoy the product long enough to refine your thoughts on how you’d make it even better
· Submit your entry by the closing date of the contest
· Final prize amount depends on number of Entry Reservations received during the contest period, with a minimum prize of $2500 at the 2000-reservation level up to a maximum of $10,000 for 8000 Entry Reservations received.
· Winner will be notified on August 15, 2012

“People may wonder why we’re requiring that the product be purchased in order to participate in the contest. Simple: if you don’t own and use XtendPlay, your ideas on how to make it even better aren’t informed by hands-on experience of its patented TrueControlTM technology,” said Mark Sparling, XtendPlay co-creator and Xwerx COO. “We’re also making it easy for all our previous customers who’ve been enjoying their XtendPlays to enter the contest as well.” Regardless of where they live, anyone who already owns an XtendPlay can purchase a Challenge Entry Reservation at the XtendPlay website for just $5. And customers who purchased their XtendPlay from any retail source between March 1 and June 3, 2012 can enter the contest for free.

And after the XtendPlay Design Challenge has closed, entrants will receive a coupon code for $10 off at xtendplay.com.

Full contest information and rules are available at xtendplay.com/pages/challenge

Critical and Customer Darling:

In the time that XtendPlay has been on the market, it has garnered strong praise from critics:

“XtendPlay gives your hands (and arms) a much-needed break.” (Wired)

"No denying its benefits." (ESPN)

“Works for extended gaming sessions.” (Kotaku)

“Brilliant!” (Xboxer360)

"Stabilizes the controller for better control and accuracy. You shouldn’t pass it up.” (Structure Gaming)

"Superb in design and flawless in achieving its goals.” (XXLGaming.com)

About Xwerx
Xwerx is an interactive product-design company with a mission to enhance the enjoyment of interactive entertainment. Based in Venice, CA, Xwerx was founded in 2008 by Dave Sparling and Mark Sparling, two brothers whose vision for a better and more rewarding gaming experience has resulted in the creation of XtendPlay, a controller enhancement for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation. For more information, visit: xtendplay.com.

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