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iAuctionShop Now Offers a Major Technological Advance in the Administering of Medication to Parkinson’s Disease Patients

Sandbach, United Kingdom, June 18, 2007 --(PR.com)-- iAuctionShop announces a range of technology-based medication management solutions, several that have been specifically developed with the needs of Parkinson’s Disease patients in mind.

iAuctionShop Ltd now offers these devices via its ecommerce site. All prices include UK postage.

The current treatment regime for patients with Parkinson’s Disease, (PD), generally involves three different drugs that must be taken at five precise intervals throughout the day. Each patient tends to have specific timing requirements. With this in mind, a range of medication management pill reminders was developed. The three types in iAuctionShop’s nine strong range that are particularly suited to PD patients include a unit with a very large easy-to-read LCD display with five independently configured alarms and five compartments to store tablets. Another features a visual alert as well as an audible one, whilst the third is a tower that stores an entire week’s worth of tablets with four compartments per day and five independent alarms. This enables a carer to dose out a week’s medication requirement in one go.

The UK’s Parkinson’s Disease Society remarks: ‘The management of Parkinson's medication is complex and the timing of medication is crucial to patients' wellbeing. Hospital stays can be extended if medication is not managed appropriately’.

Pam Grant of Poole Primary Care Trust wrote in an article in Prescribing and Medicines Management entitled Crisis Management: a day in the life of a pharmacist: ‘I stress the importance of timing of doses and the PD nurse specialist comments on difficulties in getting nurses on the ward to administer doses when they are needed by the patient, rather than at prefixed times’.

Praise has been received from many associations and individuals. The Parkinson’s Association of South Africa commented ‘I think this would be a wonderful way to manage meds’, whilst Parkinson’s Switzerland said ‘The best pillbox we have ever had’. The Parkinson’s Association of Ireland wrote ‘…the best, neat, five compartments and the timer is an excellent idea’.

This range of pill reminders, along with iAuctionShop’s other pill cutters, crushers and storage solutions can be viewed at: http://www.rscollect.co.uk/medication.htm

Other services include tax-free shopping for customers outside the European Union and gift-wrapping options that can be selected at checkout.

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