Two Recalls on Kia Vehicles Made This Month. Service Can be Done at Cumberland Kia.

Cumberland Kia of Cookeville, TN will be doing service work on Kia Rios and Borregos after recalls on the vehicles for preventative maintenance.

Cookeville, TN, June 13, 2012 --( Kia Motors America has published recalls for two of its vehicles this month for preventative maintenance. Nearly 73,000 Kia Rios, built between Feb. 20, 2005 and Dec. 9, 2007, are being put on recall to have a problem with the front-passenger air bag fixed. Also, about 22,000 Kia Borrego SUVs, built between May 2, 2008 and Jan. 20, 2009, will need service work done to replace a faulty brake pedal mount. As a part of this recall, owners in the Cookeville, TN area can have the service work done for these vehicles free of charge at the Cumberland Kia service department.

The 2006 – 2008 model year Kia Rio has been found to have a possible malfunction in the passenger air bag sensor. After extended use, and with repeated flexing of the seat sensor, the circuit could fail. This could potentially cause the airbag, which is supposed to be disabled when a small child is in the passenger seat, to deploy in an accident and injure a child. Kia claims there are no records of injuries caused by this sensor. Beginning in July, the repairs to this seat sensor can be made, free of charge to the customer, by Kia.

The nearly 22,000 Borrego SUVs that are on recall are from the 2009 model year and have non-adjustable brake pedals. These SUVs have a brake pedal mount that could break during a collision. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says on its website that if these mounts break while the SUV is moving, drivers could have trouble stopping and might cause other accidents as a result. Kia says that there are no reports of any injuries due to this issue. However, as a necessary precaution, the recall will start later this month and owners can have the parts replaced free of charge.

Owners can schedule a service appointment at or visit the Cumberland KIA service center to have qualifying, recalled vehicles fixed free of charge. Owners with questions can call Kia at (800) 333-4542.

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