Metanoia, Inc. Industry Initiative on “Smart Monitoring & Performance Management for Operational Efficiency” Launched with a Dozen+ Leading Carriers & Eco-System Players

With rapid changes in technologies, services, & markets today, operators worldwide need robust performance management solutions – at the equipment, network, service, & application levels. Ensuring performance is a de facto requirement, whether for a wireline, wireless, MSO, data center, or OTT provider, due to its impact on their bottom lines. This unique effort jointly explores solutions & best-practices for network performance management for the industry’s benefit, via roundtables & panels.

Mountain View, CA, June 13, 2012 --( A key to achieving the service provider’s #1 goal today, namely, delivering excellent end-user experience while also lowering its total cost of ownership (TCO), is effective performance management & monitoring. Ensuring performance is a de facto requirement for every operator big or small (whether wireline, wireless, MSO/cable, data center, or OTT) due to the substantial impact it has on their bottom line.

A recent (2010) Telcordia study showed that the cost per network downtime incident could be as high as $750,000 dollars. With 4-5 critical errors per IP-based network device, and few hundred to several thousand network devices in an operator’s network (depending on its size), these costs are significant. Thus, streamlining the processes, tools, techniques, systems, and best-practices for performance management has substantial impact on the profitability of the operators and of the eco-system as a whole.

This initiative has so far brought together a stellar lineup of over a dozen players from the carrier eco-system, including experts from Tata Communications, Telus, Twitter, Linked In, CTS Telecom, Opnet, Infovista, Packet Design, ADVA, Cisco, Adtran, Amartus, and Metanoia, Inc., among others. The experts have met via online roundtables, discussing issues like: why performance management is critical today, how it’s requirements have changed with the advent of new services (VoD, broadband data, IPTV) and networks (4G/LTE, Carrier Ethernet, and cloud-based), how they differ across operator types, and the advances the eco-system is making to enhance the operator’s ability in this domain. Information on these discourses will be released shortly.

The purpose is to facilitate dialog and interaction between operators (wireless, wired, MSO, data center, and over-the-top players) and eco-system players (hardware & system vendors, software providers, testing vendors, OSS/BSS vendors) to gather the eco-system’s thinking on key issues in performance management. This distillation, via online and off-line interactive, structured panels and roundtables, plus writing and discussion on a number of carrier-oriented forums will help raise the industry’s awareness about issues & needed solutions, and provide valuable insights to both carriers and eco-system players that can be incorporated in their processes and products, thereby improving service and carrier profitability.

The first On-line Live Panel will be delivered internationally on July 17th, 2012. Registration & contribution details are at

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