Digital Media Network Offers Innovative Program Opportunity

Atlanta, GA, June 13, 2012 --( A digital media network is engaged in a groundbreaking offer that provides an entrepreneurial styled opportunity to people ambitious of developing their own program on television that entertains, educates, and enriches the lives of viewers.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, MegaVue TV is launching a digital platform with television programs centered on inspiration, innovation, and entertainment with viewer interactivity. Numerous shows are in development. The network will also live stream events and religious services.

The network hopes to encourage talented people that have not had the opportunity to showcase their craft to viewers. It is also called a boost for entrepreneurial endeavors. Interested individuals are invited to submit a proposal for development of their own show for consideration to the Creative Director of the network. "Our aim is to bring fresh talent and unique programming to our online audience," remarked Angie Price, Director of Operations of MegaVue TV.

MegaVue TV is owned by a privately held venture development entity and is supported by major technology partners with many years of providing technical assistance to successful online ventures.

Contact: Walter Hayes, Creative Director, MegaVue TV – 404-823-6248
3355 Lenox Rd, Atlanta, GA 30326
MegaVue TV
Walter Hayes