FlexiDry Speeds Up the Screeding for Stanley Park School, Sutton

When a series of unexpected delays prolonged the Stanley Park school project, FlexiDry fast drying floor screeds helped contractor CSC Screeding Ltd expedite the screeding and get part of the screed ready for the final floor finish within just 7 days of screeding. When normal screeds take up to 110 days for drying, and generally allows foot traffic to proceed only after 48 hours of screeding, FlexiDry helped work to resume on the site 12 hours after screeding.

High Wycombe, United Kingdom, June 14, 2012 --(PR.com)-- True to what they say on the cover, FlexiDry fast drying floor screeds proved to provide contractors extra flexibility by doing away with the long waiting periods required for normal screeds. When the Stanley School project was continuously delayed following disputes regarding the procurement of land, followed by the unearthing of ancient Roman remains at the work site, it was imperative to avoid any further delay in the construction process.

When traditional floor screeds take up to 110 days for drying, FlexiDry offered screeding contractors, CSC Screeding Ltd a quick drying alternative which got the screed ready for the finial floor finish within just 7 days of installation, and allowed light foot traffic to proceed as early as 12 hours after screeding.

Two formulations of FlexiDry- FlexiDryF1 and FlexiDry F3 were used for the project. FlexiDry F1 which yields a drying time of 7 days was used for 1000 sq.m of the flooring, and FlexiDry F3 with a drying time of 21 days was used for the remaining 2000 sq.m area. As the different formulations of the screed could be made by merely altering the concentration of the liquid screed additive, FlexiDry helped the contractors accommodate unexpected plan changes without causing huge amounts of wastage.

Apart from expediting the entire screeding process, FlexiDry also provided high sustainability standards, as required by the BREEAM (Building Research Establishment environmental Assessment Method) accredited Stanley Park school building. According to contractors CSC, 100% recyclability, minimal dust pollution and elimination of polythene curing were other features of the screed that made it a perfect fit for the project.
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