Modern Day Heroes of Tele-communications Revealed

HeroBook features these men who are considered as modern heroes of today because of their great contribution to the world of communication.

Novato, CA, June 15, 2012 --( HeroBook features the great men behind the evolution of the telephone. They are our modern heroes of today for without their brilliant innovations, the world would be different from what it is at present.

The evolution of the telephone can be dated back to the mid-1800s where the first commercial telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. He was a scientist and inventor who had a knack for phonics and audio because of his deaf relatives. The passion for his studies has led him to transmit sounds to different areas using electronic devices thus, giving way for the invention of the telephone. But before this worldwide breakthrough, the telephone was derived from other early communication devices.

HeroBook is a website that contains inspiring, empowering and enlightening stories about heroes- real or fictitious- that have made an impact with the people involved in their lives. This aims to show different versions of heroic acts such as leadership, determination, wit, humility, passion and nationalism. HeroBook recently presents its new set of modern day heroes for their remarkable contributions to the digital world of communications today.

If we talk about the history of telephones, Alexander Graham Bell’s name would have a ring to it. However, electronic communications didn’t begin with the telephone although it is considered as the first speech transmitter. Alexander Bain created the first patented facsimile where the images from a flat metal surface are scanned by a stylus then transmitting it to another fax machine. After his invention, many have created improved versions.

Years later when Samuel Morse was able to convince the government to fund his transmitter’s wires, the Morse code communication using the telegraph was opened to the masses. It was one of the widely used devices during the time of War. After these three origins of electronic communication devices, various innovations sprouted for the past century.

The evolution of communication devices has come a long way. Today, our own telephones are able to adapt with our modern way of living. The wireless technology has provided all the convenience we can avail. In 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone and changed the world of mobile phones forever.

Communications is not just about talking to someone over the phone these days. The internet has enabled people to share photos, videos and send emails with their phones wherever they are. For more information on these modern day heroes, check out
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