Doylestown Chiropractor Dr. Jeff McQuaite Has Published His First Book; “The Healthy Alternative”

Dr. Jeff McQuaite, a local Doylestown chiropractor, has decided to give away 100 free copies of his new book, "The Healthy Alternative."

Doylestown, PA, June 15, 2012 --( Dr. Jeff McQuaite, a local Doylestown chiropractor, has decided to give away 100 free copies of his new book, "The Healthy Alternative: Why Chiropractic Care Is The Safest And Most Effective Way To Restore and Maintain Optimal Health...Naturally," This informative new book offers tips and strategies for living a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. McQuaite is a lifelong resident of Bucks County and a second generation chiropractor. He has been helping the residents of Central Bucks rediscover a life without pain for over 15 years by utilizing gentle techniques and a drugless, non-surgical approach to their health.

Dr. McQuaite’s practice focuses on back pain & stiffness, fibromyalgia, headaches, whiplash, allergies & asthma and neck pain & stiffness. In all treatments, Dr. McQuaite uses the “wellness approach” to treatment which means he looks for the underlying causes of any problem. He fully evaluates and understands the issue and makes whatever intervention and lifestyle adjustment that might be necessary to return the patient to normal functions. “We don’t need to expose the body to harsh chemicals and drugs to feel great and live long healthy and happy lives”, Dr. McQuaite states. “Way too many people are either suffering with back pain, neck pain, headaches, etc., and are putting their bodies at risk with unhealthy approaches to dulling the pain.”

The wellness approach seeks to turn on the body’s natural healing ability. Instead of introducing foreign substances to the system, it removes anything that might be interfering with the body’s normal functions. This wellness approach creates an environment that encourages natural healing and minimizes the need for invasive treatment. When the body is working properly it tends to heal effectively so making lifestyle adjustments that lead to healthy habits and provide the body with optimal health and wellness goes a long way towards helping the body heal quickly and effectively.

It is this wellness approach that emphasizes a healthy lifestyle that led Dr. McQuaite to publish this important book and share with readers the lifestyle changes and adjustments they can make to lead a healthier life free of pain and filled with good health.

To receive your free copy, please contact Dr. McQuaite at his Doylestown chiropractic office:

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295 Logan Street
Doylestown, PA 18901
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