Herbert Woods' New Boat Called Olympic Light in Respect to the 2012 Olympics

The Olympic Light is a newly introduced boat from Herbert Woods that is stylish and affordable as a rental option.

Potter Heigham, United Kingdom, June 16, 2012 --(PR.com)-- New for 2012, Herbert Woods has released a new boat called the Olympic Light. It is available for vacationing with Norfolk Broads Holidays. This boat was released based off the 2012 Olympics. The boat is very fast and well equipped. It has two steering positions and a thruster on the bow and stern. In case the loudness of a boat bothers you, the Olympic Light even has hydraulic drive and an engine located in the stern to reduce noise and provide a quiet and relaxing environment on board.

Once inside, you'll find that the Olympic Light has many modern upgrades and is very high class. The entire interior has been custom designed to bring a fresh and unique appeal to the boat. You might enjoy the high water pressure showers that are located in the forward and aft heads. Not to mention, other luxurious amenities are on board like an LCD Television, complete with a DVD player in not just the saloon, but the aft cabin as well. The TV is also equipped with a satellite tracking dome that is made to receive channels that the boat can pick up on. These aren't paid cable channels, but they are free-to-view television channels that are available through satellite.

In the aft cabin you will also find a pocket sprung mattress and a power supply capable of providing power to the boat. In all, the Olympic Light is big enough to sleep as many as four to six occupants. Through the beds and additional on board space, there is plenty of room for the whole family. There is also an option to roll out a sleep cushion to fit more people on the floor of the boat, although this isn't the most comfy option. The arrangements are 3 doubles, 2 doubles, or 2 singles. The boat is an overall length of thirty five feet. This is quite large and provides plenty of cabin space. This should be an adequate amount of room for everyone to be inside the boat safely and not have to worry about fighting for more room with one another.

A boat like the Olympic Light is so large and fast that you can't resist comparing it to the Olympics, even if it didn't share its name. The Olympic games features the best athletes in the world who compete for medals to prove they really are the best there is. The Olympic Light is similar and really stands out above and beyond the other boats. Through its flashy on board interior design, fancy upgrades, and overall elegance, this boat is one you will remember forever.

The Olympic Light is a great boat to rent out and truly enjoy on a vacation. It is an affordable option as a rental, and it's easy to drive. That means less stress and more relaxation! With all of the entertainment options that the boat has to offer, you can be sure that everyone coming along will have plenty to do and can thoroughly enjoy their stay. The boat also features a premium sound system to have fun and enjoy the music.

For more on the Olympic Light from Norfolk Broads Holidays you can see the Norfolk Broads Boat Hire website at http://www.herbertwoods.co.uk
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