“Air Draco”- Webelinx LLC Gives the Greatest Price Cut in the History of iTunes

Due to the Major Economy Crisis that Has Hit the World, Webelinx Has Decided to Give All Users the Chance to Enjoy Playing Air Draco and Reduced the Price of Their Best Game to Zero

Nis, Serbia and Montenegro, June 19, 2012 --(PR.com)-- After the huge worldwide success and the record number of downloads, Vladimir Mitic, CEO at Webelinx LLC, has decided to offer the company’s greatest game for free. He said: “After consulting with our finance department, we all agreed that, since the game has experienced such a great success and has been downloaded so many times even for a $99 price, we want to be generous to our users who cannot afford to buy the game at that price and give away Air Draco for free for a certain period of time.”

Air Draco is a side-scrolling endless adventure that sets users the task to help Draco, a little brave dragon, find his way out of the doomed witch’s cave and return to his mother. Regarding the high price that was set for the game at the beginning and the fact that the game now can be downloaded for free, Vladimir Mitic stated: “We are very thankful to our users, who bought our game and have showed how deeply they appreciate our work and have recognized the quality of Air Draco, but now we think that it is time to show our gratitude and take care of all of our users by giving them the chance to get our game for free.”

Users can get this game from iTunes @ this link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/air-draco-flying-dragon/id497916859?mt=8

“Air Draco” tells the story of a brave little dragon trying to escape from a doomed witch’s cave after being hatched out in captivity. The game’s main villain, witch Kakia tries with all her forces to stop Draco from escaping her cave, so she casts spells and sends her evil minions, goblins, to try to defeat Draco. But users also have the help from Magos, a wizard who leaves magic fire rides on Draco’s way. Users can collect these fire rides and purchase various power-ups and lots of upgrades to make the game even more interesting. Users can also purchase seven different superpower suits and change Draco’s outfits. There are also a lot of different quests and achievements to keep players engaged and make the game even more fun.

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