1 Blood Type and Blood Transfusions Myth Exposed

"Our unification of scientific discoveries by the University of Vermont biologist Bryan Ballif, Dr. Yamamoto and his colleagues discovery of the genetic molecular basis of ABO Blood System demonstrates that we have 2 Blood Types and Blood Types are expressions of our DNA," says 24 DNA Co-founder Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

Sacramento, CA, June 19, 2012 --(PR.com)-- 24 DNA, formally of Garden Grove and privately held company in Roseville, claims that their “24 DNA-2 Blood Types Grouping Card” invention demonstrates that 1 Blood Type and Blood Transfusions are an obsolete science or myth of the 1900s. These myths are promulgated by the media, higher education, practiced by the medical communities and some in the scientific communities as science.

Mr. Afamasaga said, “It’s like in the old days when people believed that the world was flat, until a few brave souls stepped out of everyone’s comfort zone to tell them they were wrong. 1 Blood Type and Blood Transfusion are the flat world belief of our time. We at 24 DNA are on the same journey with our ‘24 DNA-2 Blood Types Kit’ that tests for your 2 Blood Types, Rh Factors, Secretor, Non-Secretors or both and your master DNA sequence. This invention lies to rest myths that are currently practiced in medicine and Blood Transfusions that we have 1 Blood Type and various Blood Types are compatible, safe for transfusions. The resilience of the human body is why people survive these services.”

“The 1990 Nature Magazine article 'Molecular Genetic Basis of The Histo-Blood Group ABO System,' Dr. Yamamoto's webiste, site.google.com/site/abobloodgroup/home, it documented Dr. Yamamoto and his colleagues discovery that Blood Type A is DNA C, Blood Type B is DNA G and Blood Type O is DNA A. The discovery of RHCE and RHD genes, Fetal DNA and Chimeras Blood Types showed that DNA T is Blood Type AB or Antigen D. The conclusion from the above discoveries is that your Blood Types are the genetic molecular or physical expression of your DNA. Therefore, no two blood types or DNA are same or compatible as each Blood Type or DNA is unique to each person. What differentiates people with the same DNA or 2 Blood Types are their Environment, Diet, Lifestyle and Epigenetic genes,” says Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

Mr. Afamasaga said, “Because your Blood Types are an expression of your DNA and DNA travels in pairs, so are your 2 Blood Types. You inherit one blood type from your mother and the other from your father or both maternal and paternal blood types from either Mom or Dad. Your master DNA sequence dictates the type of Blood Type you have. Therefore, when we identify your 2 Blood Types with our invention, your master DNA sequence can also be identified. This master DNA sequence shows your disease predispositions, skills and talents, personalities and much more information.”

“We have created a 12 minute video which is already posted on our website, 24dna.com, to educate people with this new science and technology, recruit the masses as team reformers to make changes to their healthcare system in their neighborhoods, cities or country. We are going public under the Job Act with Fundable.com next month to partner with the masses. With their 3 tools of change; Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, 24 DNA and the public can make a difference in their neighborhoods, cities, or country’s healthcare system. Watch our video for details,” says Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.
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