DMG Productions to Feature fNIR Devices on Upcoming Episode of Health Heroes

Wearable Brain Monitoring Sensors Enable Significant Advances in Neuroscience

Potomac, MD, June 20, 2012 --( fNIR Devices announced today that they will be featured in an upcoming episode of the Discovery Channel’s Health Heroes, a television series that gives viewers an in-depth look at some of today’s most exciting medical technologies and clinical treatments.

fNIR Devices is a manufacturer of portable, functional near infrared (fNIR) brain imaging systems that measure oxygen level changes in the prefrontal cortex of the human brain. This technology is the only stand-alone, field-deployable device in the world that can determine localized brain activity. Available exclusively for research use, the device quantitatively assesses brain function—attention, memory, planning, and problem solving—while the human subject performs a variety of complex cognitive tasks.

This episode will focus on the rapid advances being made in neuroscience research. Health Heroes will go behind-the-scenes at fNIR Devices to learn about how this company is redefining neuroscience, and viewers will learn about what is possible when an fNIR device is deployed in the field.

"Today’s functional near infrared brain imaging technology is at a similar stage that Ultrasound imaging was about 20 years ago. While agreeing with fMRI results, fNIR can benefit researchers in many fields where fMRI is too intrusive or expensive,” said Davood Tashayyod, CEO of fNIR Devices. “fNIR imagers are now being deployed in a variety of research areas such as learning disabilities, neurorehabilitation, pain management, and more. In the future, such research could lead to many clinical as well as non-clinical solutions for some of the most vexing health challenges."

“The technology being provided by fNIR Devices is astounding,” said Barbara Perry, producer for Health Heroes. “Their ability to take brain scanning technology out into the field is truly impressive.”

About Health Heroes:

Health Heroes is a powerful TV series dedicated to defining and exploring today’s latest medical advances in all areas of health and wellness. Written with both the industry professional and television audience in mind, Health Heroes educates, entertains and enlightens the lives of our viewers.

About fNIR Devices:

fNIR Devices is a company dedicated to providing functional brain imaging instruments to researchers in all fields so that validated solutions can be developed to save lives, and to improve the human condition.

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