CrossFit Long Beach Announces Their Summer Leaning Challenge Winners

24 CrossFit Long Beach members adopted the Paleo Lifestyle with amazing results losing a combined total of 133 inches in 8 weeks.

Signal Hill, CA, June 20, 2012 --( Dave Brooks and Emily Mumper, members of CrossFit Long Beach, were announced as the male and female winners of the CrossFit Long Beach Summer Leaning Challenge Saturday, June 16 during the school’s annual leaning challenge finale banquet.

Brooks, the male winner of the challenge, lost a total of 11.25 inches while Cumper, the female winner topped everyone with 12 total inches lost. The group lost a combined total of over 133 inches in just eight weeks.

Brooks and Mumper topped 24 people who all adopted the Paleo Diet, eliminating grains, dairy, sugar and all processed food from their daily intake. Tari Okoya won second place with 10.75 inches lost while Lauren Crispin and Krista Dart tied at third place, both having lost 8.75 inches.

Brooks credits the guidance of his coaches at CrossFit Long Beach for his success. In addition to a streamlined physique, digestive problems that once plagued him have now been alleviated thanks to the adoption of the Paleo lifestyle. He says he has “tons of energy during the day” and sleep problems are now a thing of the past.

“I had a lot of apprehension in letting go of the past,” Brooks said about changing his lifestyle. “But the process has been fun and exciting. The challenge opened up a whole new world to me.”

CrossFit Long Beach, a school of elite fitness in Signal Hill, teaches their students that the path to health and wellness is through their stomachs. Adopting a diet that welcomes non-processed foods, zero grains, dairy and sugar is a lifestyle choice and not a temporary fix.

“For eight weeks, the leaning contestants took the first step to ultimate health and fitness,” Gina Caywood, co-owner of CrossFit Long Beach, said. “They learned that exercising four to five days a week can get them in shape, but real results occur when they learn to eat the right foods.”

The popularity of the contest presented a double-sided award for all contestants: the chance to get in the best shape of their life while pursuing a cash prize with the idea being that nothing can be lost from participating in the challenge except inches.

“Changing the way we eat is always a struggle,” Chad Cross, head coach and co-owner of CrossFit Long Beach, said. “These members proved that with just a little persistence and dedication, a change can and will occur.”

CrossFit Long Beach is the 43rd CrossFit gym in the nation and the first one in Long Beach/Signal Hill to open its doors, CrossFit Long Beach (CFLB) has been helping everyday people transform themselves into high-performing athletes since 2005. Details about the challenge and the school are available at (562) 492-6951.
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