Riverside Humane Society Launches Pet Behavior Help Line Web Site

Free advice and information from Riverside Humane Society's trained counselors now is available on the new pet behavior help line web site for anyone having problems with annoying or destructive pet behaviors. Assistance is also available by telephone and e-mail.

Riverside, CA, June 17, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Riverside Humane Society Pet Adoption Center (RHSPAC) has launched a Pet Behavior Help Line web site, www.petbehaviorhelpline.org, to complement its Pet Behavior Help Line phone-in service which has operated for four years. Now pet owners anywhere can obtain free advice for their pet’s behavior problems through the web site.

The site, funded through a PetSmart Charities Grant, offers an online form visitors can use to submit a question or explain the problem they’re having with a pet. They also can e-mail the help line (info@petbehaviorhelp.org). They can expect to receive a response within two days. Pet owners still have the option of calling the Pet Behavior Help Line at 951-688-4340 ext. 3 to discuss a matter.

RHSPAC Executive Assistant Leslie Holzrichter manages the program which is staffed by six volunteers, pet owners themselves, trained to provide advice and information on changing inappropriate behaviors that are causing problems in the household, with neighbors or with other animals. Common problems are dogs barking, chewing household objects, digging or escaping, cats clawing furniture, and dogs and cats marking, getting into mischief, or acting out when left alone. Although, on any given day one inquiry to the Pet Behavior Help Line can be different from the next.

Problems with aggression are out of the scope of the help line. However, the staff can recommend veterinarians and animal behaviorists knowledgeable in addressing these issues.

“Many pet owners don’t know their pet’s behavior can be changed and that they don’t need to give up their pet after all,” Holzrichter said. “When people realize this, they’re appreciative of our free service. One of our goals is to help reduce the number of pets given up to animal shelters due to inappropriate behavior, which in turn may help reduce the number of pets euthanized each year.”

The Pet Behavior Help Line averages 10 phone inquiries a week, mostly from the local Riverside/San Bernardino county region. Owners having problems with their pets are encouraged to call Riverside Humane Society’s Pet Behavior Help Line and leave a detailed message. They will receive helpful information by mail as well as a phone call from one of the counselors to discuss their pet’s issues.

With the launch of the help line web site and e-mail access, pet owners who find it inconvenient to call RHSPAC now can take advantage of this valuable service any time they can access a computer.

Riverside Humane Society Pet Adoption Center, a non-profit public benefit charitable organization, is located at 5791 Fremont St., Riverside, CA. RHSPAC accepts owner turn-ins of cats and dogs and transfers from area animal-control shelters. No healthy, adoptable animal is ever put to sleep. Prior to adoption, each animal is either spayed/neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated, receives medical care, is monitored for physical, emotional and mental health, and is socialized. For information, visit www.petsadoption.org.

Jean Clement