Business is Blooming in the East Valley at Petal Wishes

Phoenix, AZ, June 22, 2012 --( When Michelle Eier’s brother was getting married, she wanted to let her future sister-in-law know just how special she thought she was. So the art school graduate, and daughter of a career florist, turned to her creative instincts and created a bouquet of paper flowers. With messages of hopes and dreams written on the petals by family and friends at her bridal shower, her soon-to-be sister-in-law carried the bouquet at her wedding rehearsal along with well wishes for a long, happy marriage.

“I went through at least nine different models of how I wanted the flowers and messages to look before I finally felt I got it just right,” Eier of Gilbert and founder of Petal Wishes said. “During the process I showed friends and family, who immediately told me I had to share them with other brides.”

So with a simple website and word of mouth, orders started to come in and Eier, with the help of her friend Nicole Couch, spent eight hours assembling each one – customizing them for each bride. By the time they hit the bridal show circuit they knew they needed to find a way to get them into brides’ hands quicker.

Working with a product engineer and a clear vision of how to continue to grow the business based on spreading good wishes, and keeping the sweetness and handmade feel to the bouquet, Eier received her first shipment of Petal Wishes earlier this year – ready to be distributed to brides on demand for personalization by those who love them.

A proven success at bridal shows throughout the Valley and Southern California, along with being sold in a few local bridal stores, Eier and the Petal Wishes team have plans to travel east and set up booths in Texas before venturing into the South and Mid-West.

“It’s really important to see the response to our bouquets in person,” Eier said. “Each city has different ideas on bridal fashion and trends, and we learn a lot by introducing Petal Wishes at local bridal shows.”

Getting out there and actually experiencing each market has been a key to their success. The team has also started working with wedding planners and event staff at Valley resorts, both of which offer Petal Wishes bouquets as a gift to their brides. “The bridal business is a very personal one and this is the perfect way to build a relationship with a bride because it helps strengthen her relationship with her family and friends.”

One of the greatest highlights of the bouquet is showing it off at the rehearsal or at the wedding – done best with a clear glass vase – for all the guests to read others’ wishes for the bride and groom. When the wedding is over, the flowers easily display in a shadow box with Petal Wishes Wish Clips and become part of the couple’s home décor.

To view and order a Petal Wishes bouquet, visit, or contact Michelle Eier at or 602.633.4439.
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