"Visiongain Expects the Mobile User Interface Market to Reach $12.6bn During 2012" Says New Report

Visiongain’s research indicates that the global mobile UI hardware market will grow 19% in 2012. This represents the sale of 632.6 million smart devices and the onset of the touchscreen era’s commercial bloom.

London, United Kingdom, June 23, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Although user interfaces have been a unique selling point since the late 1990s, groundbreaking gadgets such as the iPhone and iPad have raised and broadened expectations of mobile device utility and interactivity. Behind carrier network reliability, mobile operating system and the surrounding application ecosystem stand out as two of the most important purchasing factors among consumers.

Larger, sharper touchscreen panel displays are becoming the gold standard for smartphones. Together with a burgeoning tablet market, they are the crux of a market that visiongain expects to yield over a billion device shipments during the forecast period 2012-2017.

A number of contenders have emerged in this market, and visiongain’s The Mobile User Interface Market 2012-2017: UI in the iPhone, Android, and Windows Era studies their strengths and weaknesses over time, analysing the strategies that have led to breakout success or crushing failure. The report forecasts the prospects for the Apple, Google, Microsoft, and RIM platforms from 2012-2017 in global and regional markets.

Visiongain’s examination of mobile UI includes the close study of 4 hardware sub-markets: touch sensors and controller ICs, MEMS, cover glass, and display panels. Global and regional forecasts are provided for each, along with analysis of the leading vendors and in-depth exploration of a diverse hardware production.
In keeping with the fluid, constantly-evolving nature of mobile UI, visiongain also dedicates a chapter of The Mobile User Interface Market 2012-2017: UI in the iPhone, Android, and Windows Era report to emerging technologies that will soon revolutionise the industry further.

The report contains 137 unique tables, charts, and graphs that illustrate developing trends and forecast the future of the mobile UI market. Visiongain provides forecasts for the period 2012-2017 measuring and analysing revenues in 5 regional markets.

The Mobile User Interface Market 2012-2017: UI in the iPhone, Android, and Windows Era will be of value to current and future investors in the telecoms industry, as well as companies and research centres who wish to broaden their knowledge of the mobile UI market.

For sample pages and further information concerning the visiongain report The Mobile User Interface Market 2012-2017: UI in the iPhone, Android, and Windows Era please visit: http://www.visiongain.com/Report/842/The-Mobile-User-Interface-Market-2012-2017-UI-in-the-iPhone-Android-and-Windows-Era

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