New Children's Religious Fiction by Joan Jessee Shortridge Called Angels and a Lazy Rabbit (Booktango) and How a Dream Saved My Baby's Life (Smashwords)

Joan Shortridge, sister to Glena-Jessee King of Second Chance Ministries, has published several books geered to christian readers and to help non-christians. Other such books are; A Gnome in the House and The Haunting at Courthouse Hill. These books, using the same family, cope with adventures by using a christian attitude. In Angels and a Lazy Rabbit, the rabbit is taken back in time to the Day of Christ's birth and death. Second Chance Ministries, Christianburg,Va. gives people second chances.

Kingsport, TN, June 23, 2012 --( Joan Shortridge, aunt to Rev. Mark King, sister to Glena-Jessee King and Husband, Rev. Ronald King, has written another children's fantasy eBook (Book Tango) with religious overtones. She is taking the bull by the horns and changing kid's books from those with violent, perverted action to those with non-violent themes, and using christian values. Angels and a Lazy Rabbit book takes a lazy pet rabbit, with the help of an angel, back in time, where he watches the birth and death of Jesus. He also meets Abraham and Sarah. The rabbit and other pets, along with three children, adventure into another world and meet other type of angels that guard the heavens. At home, they have a crisis of getting their stubborn dog to take his shots, so they can all go on vacations. Second Chance Ministries and Mark King (Author of- Seven Years of Insanity) believes in giving people second chances to rebuild their lives and approves of christian oriented books for today's youth. They are changing the book industry, one book at a time. Joan's other published books are: A Gnome in the House,(fantasy) The Haunting at Courthouse Hill, (fantasy based on some truth) and How a Dream Saved My Baby's life(a true non-fiction).
Second Chance Ministries
Glena-Jessee King
Mark King Radford, Va