Integrant, Now Sitecore Certified

San Diego, CA, June 26, 2012 --( Integrant has announced that they are now a Sitecore Certified Partner. The company is expanding on their Microsoft .NET expertise, and have specifically chosen Sitecore as the preferred Content Management System for their clients. Sitecore is an extremely dynamic CMS which empowers users without technical knowledge to manage websites and improve the online customer experience. Integrant chose Sitecore for its flexibility, scalability, and user-friendly functionality.

By enabling non-technical users, Sitecore maximizes the efficiency of an operation. It's a tool that expedites technical tasks and simultaneously alleviates the burden of menial requests that IT would otherwise have to perform.

Integrant is an outsource provider of custom software development services. They are experts in building .NET web based applications, and have built and implemented systems for a wide range of industries. In their twenty years of experience, they’ve dedicated themselves to a delivery model that is focused on adding value and eliminating outsourcing risk for clients. When clients hire Integrant, they get developers who have worked together for years. They get unified and experienced teams, which means reliability, efficiency, and quality. In addition, Integrant’s onshore/offshore model keeps overhead expenses low, which means they’re able to provide high quality outsourcing services without inflated costs. Simply put, Integrant’s model makes quality, risk-free IT outsourcing accessible and affordable.
Henkel Smith