Richardson Wireless Together with Gentrifi's Advanced GPS Tracking Application Are Now Offering the Enfora Spider MT2500

Richardson Wireless together with Gentrifi's advanced GPS tracking application are now offering the Enfora Spider MT2500: A Highly Efficient and Extremely Reliable Real-Time GPS Mobile Tracker.

Richardson, TX, June 27, 2012 --( The latest addition to the Enfora Mobile Tracker family, the Spider MT 2500, is now offered by Richardson Wireless with support from Gentrifi's real-time web-based tracking application.

This innovative GPS tracking device comes with all of the advanced features you would expect from an Enfora MT device; superior GPS performance, internal GPS and GSM/GPRS antennas, 3-axis accelerometer, internal SIM card holder, and multiple I/O capability. Above all, the device adheres to Enfora's principles of incorporating maximum functionality while maintaining a low price-point.

So what makes the MT2500 different?
In addition to all of the above, when this easy to install device is connected to a vehicle it provides vehicle diagnostics data enabling users to accurately determine the actual vehicle speed, heading direction, ignition alerts, PTO alerts, door open/close alerts along with the most precise GPS location of the vehicle's current position. Combined with the on-board 3-axis accelerometer, the MT 2500 also has built-in threshold events to capture metrics critical to effective fleet monitoring such as excessive engine speed, rapid acceleration, harsh braking, speed violations, and excessive idling.

So, with the MT2500 you have a low-cost, high-efficiency GPS tracking device that allows you to:

· Track your vehicles with superior GPS accuracy
· Efficient Fleet management
· Driver and vehicle profiling
· Accurately assess driver styles, performance and behavior
· Monitor critical diagnostics data from your vehicles

About Richardson Wireless and Gentrifi GPS
Richardson Wireless ( provides high quality cost effective monitoring/tracking solutions. We offer a wide range of tracking and monitoring products for large enterprises and personal use with tracking application services offered by Gentrifi, GPS (

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