Nevada Author Releases New Historical Fiction Darling Series Starting with "Admiral Darling"

Las Vegas, NV, June 27, 2012 --( Author, Walter John Trowbridge is pleased to announce the promotion of the first book in the Darling Series of historical romantic books, Admiral Darling. Two other books have followed including Professor Darling (ISBN: 978-1469189376) and Architect Darling (ISBN: 978-1477107058)

Admiral Darling is a romantic novel involving the love story of a US naval officer and a beautiful Dutch girl, the daughter of a Dutch attaché in Manila, during the initial months of the Second World War in the Far East. It begins in the Philippines and ends in the Dutch East Indies (now, Indonesia).

The story generally alternates between the love affair and the officer's naval duties during the Japanese invasion and conquest of the Philippines and the Dutch East Indies. The love affair is complicated by the ongoing war and the efforts of the girl's parents to stop the affair since they want their daughter to marry a close family friend. The tempo is dictated by the slow but steady advance of the Japanese military through the Philippine and Indonesian Islands and the struggle of the lovers to continue their romance despite all the difficulties.

Book Information:
Admiral Darling
Author: Walter John Trowbridge
Publisher: Publish America
ISBN: 9781462650613
Pages: 166
Published: December 2011

About The Author
Walter John Trowbridge served in the US Army during the Korean War and he has no direct experience with Navy life or operation, nor any naval vessels. The portrayal indicated in this novel about the Navy and its ships, other than the general historical background, are fabricated for the sake of the love affair.

Further, except for an occasion reference to the commanding admirals, all the characters in the novel are fictitious and have no reference to the actual officers and men who actually served on any of the ships.

The author has only visited Manila once, but he has lived in Jakarta (Batavia), Indonesia, for three years in the post-war period. He visited many other places in Indonesia, including Bogor, Bandung, and Bali many times, and Surabaya, Borneo, and Cilacap (Tjilatjap) each once. But again, the accounts and description of these places in the novel are purely fictional and are based on post-war experiences.

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