Mindgrub Establishes Gaming Division to Meet Needs of Clients

Mindgrub has assigned a group of engineers to concentrate on mobile gaming.

Baltimore, MD, June 28, 2012 --(PR.com)-- When Mindgrub Technologies was created in 2002, its focus was geared in the field of web and mobile development. Over the last decade, Mindgrub has established strong relationships with a wide variety of clients due to the quality of products produced. With their continued success, Mindgrub is adding another division to its repertoire to meet their industries needs; Mobile Gaming.

With the client’s demand shifting to include mobile gaming, Mindgrub is opening a second office and will have a specific division of developers geared toward the gaming industry. To help lead this division, Mindgrub has hired former Big Huge Games employees, who has closed their doors last month, formerly located in Timonium. Recently, Mindgrub received an ADDY award (the world’s large advertising competition) for its mobile game TAG: The Mobile Assassination Game.

Clients like Discovery Kids and Zap Toys, Mindgrub has been able to adapt to the needs of their customers in the mobile gaming division. Last week, Mindgrub launched Scuba Adventures on the Discovery Kids website, which is available for download on iTunes and coming soon to Android. This game takes you on a scuba journey where the user dodges harmful creatures and is tested on oceanic facts along the way.

With the mobile gaming division strengthening, Mindgrub is expanding to offer mobile games directly to the App Store. The game Rescue Jump is a spin off of a classic game developed for the iPhone with the goal to save civilians and collect power-ups to increase the users score. Rescue Jump should be released to iTunes in the next few months.

Mindgrub continues to remain a leader in the development of desktop games in addition to the new focus on mobile. Last week Mindgrub also helped launch the games for Curiosityville's web site. Curiosityville is a children's learning site that monitors a child’s learning progress that is viewable by the parent. Geared towards ages 3-8 and their families, this personalized learning site with games and activities give children a head start preparing them for school.

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