Clockmeister Offers Web-Based Time Tracking for Projects and Assignments

TeamMeister just launched its web-based time tracking software Clockmeister. With Clockmeister freelancers and small businesses can conveniently track their working hours.

Berlin, Germany, June 29, 2012 --( Today the Berlin-based startup TeamMeister presents its web-based time tracking solution Clockmeister ( The software allows freelancers and teams to conveniently track their time, thus creating the basis for accurate billing and precise calculations.

Founder Christian Lohse on the idea behind Clockmeister: “I myself have worked as a freelancer for many years. Tracking my project hours accurately always cost me a lot of time and money. With Clockmeister, time tracking can be done within seconds. All budgets, time expenditures and revenues are accessible at all times. This gives me full control over my working hours and helps me to sustain a professional appearance vis-à-vis my clients.”

Using Clockmeister, time can be tracked using a timer or a digital timesheet. Budgets and hourly rates can be adjusted for each project individually. For the analysis Clockmeister offers extensive reporting features. Clockmeister is perfect for teams and is set up and ready to use within a few minutes. There is no need to install any additional software. Clockmeister can be used with any up-to-date internet browser, regardless of the operating system. During a 30-day free trial, customers can test the full range of features offered.
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