Solis Company Experiences Over 350% in Revenue Growth and Reaches Millions with Its Influence in Fashion

Solis Company expands its enterprise into the Pacific Rim. By opening stores, a showroom with 5 of the hottest labels on LAs streets and the successful Solis Collections of men's wear and men's jewelry, this online retail specialty boutique is revolutionizing the fashion industry across the Pacific Rim.

San Francisco, CA, June 20, 2007 --( Solis Company, a leader in the realm of online specialty retail and an established voice and inspiration for the casual California Lifestyle, marks almost a year and a half in Asia. The company has used its well-earned reputation and expertise to establish the West Coast fashion sensibility in all the major Asian markets. A decade old, this online retail pioneer has set the bar for online shopping and after three specialty boutiques and astounding success with the Solis Collection and its eponymous showroom, Solis Company is expanding at a rate of 300 to 350% year over year.

Solis Company was at the forefront of the online retail as the industry began to take hold in the early 2000s. Establishing itself quickly as a leader and having successfully navigated unknown cyber realms, Solis accepted the reigns as an industry pioneer, while maintaining pace with a tireless fashion industry. Today, Solis is still a world leader in the cyber marketplace. The company’s foray into the tradition brick and mortar shop was almost an instant success. Solis on Market opened two years ago in San Francisco. Its notoriety grew quickly with Solis’ inclusion in 7x7’s ‘Best Of San Francisco’ edition and voted San Francisco’s favorite denim destination on, the affiliate site for the San Francisco Chronicle. The word on Solis on Market’s unique and cutting edge style exploded. Hollywood calls upon Solis Stylists to style a number of celebrities including Sandra Bernhardt, the Wayan Brothers, Margaret Cho, DJ Stonebridge and others. Solis on Market had also become known as a destination for celebrities including fashion expert Carson Kressley and Tim Allen from ‘Queer Eye for A Straight Guy,’ Hal Sparks, New York City’s “IT Girl” Amanda LePore, Tracy Bingham, Reichen Lehmkuhl, Rachelle Leah, Amy McCarthy, the 5 time UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy ‘the Natural: Couture and many others. Beyond California, Solis Stylists Steve Haas and Jose Cabaltera have been featured in Elle Magazine, Billboard Magazine, Genre, Instinct, InStyle and Cosmopolitan.

Solis Showroom opened with the exclusive distributing rights for five of the hottest LA based collections throughout Asia. Leaders in the industry themselves, these brands rely on Solis’ expertise to grow their brands in the different markets around the Pacific Rim. Affliction Clothing and Sinful Clothing are two of the labels in the showroom sharing the defining California Lifestyle attitude with Solis with an edgy rocker vibe. Black Hearts Brigade, another line in the showroom, has a more sophisticated feel with tighter cuts and more abstract graphics. Archaic is a price driven collection that is bold in design. Solis’ fifth line is the Xtreme Couture Collection. This is a line of t-shirts from five time UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture that promotes the UFC league and, more particularly, its fighters. The success of these lines has been astonishing: starting from nothing almost two months ago, to $1 million in turnover within a year. Solis Showroom has acquired an impressive client list in its brief existence, including Seibu and Club 8 in Hong Kong and Queen’s Couture and Tunik in Singapore as well as clients in Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea and Japan. With Asia’s extremely receptive welcome to Solis’ progressive fashion sensibility thus far, the Solis Showroom accepted an invitation to exhibit at International Fashion Fair in Tokyo in July.

Also, as part of the Showroom, Solis and Affliction Clothing have a licensing agreement to produce Affliction Jewelry. This collection has received a very strong reception. The sterling silver collection stands out from others in the market due to intricate detail and dimension. The pieces are a true work of art and each piece is hand worked and hand polished, a labor-intensive process that passes through 12 pairs of artisan hands. The final product has been detailed, polished, oxidized and then polished several times again before going through rigid quality control inspections. The caliber in the final product is magnificent, unlike competitor collections that are pressed and mass produced out of assembly lines in China.

Early in 2007, Solis was again at the forefront of the fashion industry, this time in Thailand, as it introduced the multi-brand concept with the opening of a specialty boutique in ZEN at Central World Plaza. Critics and Bangkok fashion industry leaders challenged Solis’ cutting edge style, saying that the California Lifestyle sensibility would never work in Thailand; it was too American, too deconstructed, and too un-Thai. However, the fashion industry there was stagnant and it needed a breathe of fresh air. Solis’ performance in ZEN proved this. Since its inception, Solis has consistently ranked number one in sales and performance. A revolution has begun and Solis’ unique fashion culture is flourishing with support from Elle Magazine and Elle Fashion Week, 2 Magazine and Volume. Central asked Solis to repeat the profoundly successful concept in their flagship store at Chidlom. The second specialty boutique opened in May and is experiencing the same amazing success.

Solis has proudly grown its Solis Collection to include a complete collection of tops, bottoms and accessories. Staying true to Solis’ discerning clientele, Solis maintains the highest standard of quality by using only the finest materials in its production innovating technically unique design from progressive treatments and garment processes to high quality screening techniques. Solis’ men’s titanium and sterling silver jewelry collection is especially popular with boutiques around the US picking up the collections for their own shops. Within the company, the Solis collection has taken flight on the website and in the San Francisco flagship, ranking among the specialty boutique’s top labels in sales.

Solis Company is bringing something fresh to Asia. Solis is original and innovative, finding inspiration from the California culture. It’s about rockers. It’s about surfers. It’s Melrose and Malibu. It’s Hollywood with her hair let down. And just like her movies, she’s taking the continent by storm.

Solis Company
Steve Haas