The i Like Book Brand Takes a Stand Against Bullying

Washington, DC, July 09, 2012 --( The i like book brand is taking a stand against bullying in schools. The two year old company has developed a new anti-bullying book to be implemented this year. Meredith Looney, owner, states "We are passionate about building up a child's self-esteem and how that can directly impact bullying starting at a young age. The new book called, My Friends LIKE Me, is a peer to peer book that is sure to make every child in a classroom feel special with compliments from their classmates."

This innovative company has gone a step further in the anti-bullying campaign by giving the books away free to schools. Looney comments, "We launched a successful fundraising campaign for schools last year with the i like book collection. We realized that we can add more value to schools by giving each child an anti-bullying book when their school completes a fundraiser. The schools only have to sell a minimal amount of books to qualify." The bullying epidemic has received a lot of national attention in the past few years including President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama's, launch of Looney says that, "Many people and companies are launching extensive anti-bullying platforms that are both expensive and intensive but we have chosen to get back to the basics. The new book will allow children to feel direct compliments from their classmates which helps build their self-confidence and worth at the core level."

Meredith and her husband, Lance Looney created a series of i like books that develop more meaningful relationships through daily affirmations. These books also create a memory keeper for years to come. The new anti-bullying books will be released for the 2013 school year in August. Additional information about the i like book brand can be found at
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