LET GO: Moment in Movement by James Starkman Captures Soaring Parkour Artists Mid-Flight

Serendipitous photographic journey of James Starkman as he followed a group of Parkour practitioners (known as traceurs) training in various urban environments in and around New York City.

Providence, RI, July 04, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Yellow Peril Gallery is pleased to present LET GO: Moment in Movement, the serendipitous photographic journey of James Starkman as he followed a group of Parkour practitioners (known as traceurs) training in various urban environments in and around New York City, from Thursday, 16 August to Sunday, 9 September 2012. The Gallery Night Providence opening reception is Thursday, 16 August from 5PM to 9PM at Yellow Peril Gallery, 60 Valley Street #5, Providence, RI 02909.

Parkour, also known as l'art du déplacement (the art of displacement) or freerunning, is a physical discipline that originated in France; it involves training to overcome any obstacle within one’s path by adapting one’s movements to the environment. Simply put, Parkour is getting from point A to B in the shortest amount of time possible, often set in a city environment.

What began as an exploration of the visual elements of Parkour movement deepened into a personal inquiry for Starkman into the emotional and spiritual resonance of the images he spontaneously caught on film. The result is this arresting collection of “moments” in movement, simultaneously revealing aspects of both artist and subjects as they “let go.”

"In shooting LET GO: Moment in Movement, what first caught my attention was the aerodynamic, dance-like quality of Parkour,” Starkman notes, “but what really intrigued me was a fearlessness in their faces.” He adds: “I tried to capture the metaphoric possibilities of their kinetic movement, and felt I was experiencing private moments with them.”

In both their technical and thematic concerns, the works comprising this exhibition draw inspiration from varied sources, including the Belgian surrealist René Magritte and his technique of portraying ordinary objects in unfamiliar spaces to suggest new meanings through poetic juxtapositions. Taken together, the pieces demonstrate Starkman’s fascination with the nascent physical, emotional and spiritual potentialities suggested by the interplay of these elements and trace the unfolding of his discovery of unexpected beauty.

At its core, LET GO: Moment in Movement is a visual meditation on the rich metaphoric possibilities suggested by moments of framed kinetic movement. As the traceurs bound over walls and dive down staircases, they begin to redefine their relationship to their environment. As they commit to action they let go. Obstacles become opportunities, fear becomes surrender, and confinement becomes freedom ― not only for the traceurs, but for the viewer entering the action. With these moments of transformation, Starkman challenges us to examine our own physical and emotional relationship to the images.

Parkour artists Bullettrun (bullettrun.com), the subjects of Starkman's photographs, will give impromptu performances at The Plant Courtyard during the opening reception. In the adjacent Studio, they will screen a video of Bullettrun practicing Parkour in the streets of New York City by Nadia Lesy, Bullettrun's Artistic Director and Choreographer.

LET GO: Moment in Movement first debuted at Lincoln Center’s Frieda and Roy Furman Gallery from January 28 – February 17, 2011, coinciding with the 39th Annual Dance on Camera Film Festival. The exhibition will run at Yellow Peril Gallery from Thursday, 16 August to Sunday, 9 September 2012. The Gallery Night Providence opening reception will be on Thursday, 16 August, from 5PM – 9PM.

About James Starkman
James Starkman is a Canadian-born photographer and artist who lives in Brooklyn, New York. His photography combines a unique and creative aesthetic capturing subtle elements with light, composition and concept. James’s work has been commissioned by galleries, magazines, commercial companies, advertising agencies, and designers. He is the owner of LightSpace Studios (lightspace.tv), a full service film and photography studio situated in a swanky industrial loft district of East-Williamsburg with good privacy for celebrities or high profile guests, casts and crew.

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