Now Offers Quick and Easy Salary Protection to South Africans offers an easy way for people to purchase income protection insurance via its website, the company announced today.

Worcester, South Africa, July 05, 2012 --( offers an easy way for people to purchase income protection insurance via its website, the company announced today. This new website allows people to purchase insurance on their salaries so that if they lose their jobs or experience a financial crisis they will be protected.

Income protection has become more and more important as the worldwide economy continues to falter. This type of insurance provides beneficiaries with a percentage of their income if they lose their source of income so that they don't run out of money while trying to resolve the problem. ( offers customers income protection for up to six months. Their protection plans ensure that customers get up to 75 percent of their regular monthly salary during a financial crisis. This helps people get back on their feet and resolve financial problems. Policy holders can rely on their insurance to help them get through tough times so that they can look for a new job without the added burden of trying to meet their monthly expenses on very little income. It lasts long enough for customers to get a new source of income in place.

"We realized that income protection is still fairly new in South Africa," the website owners said, "and we wanted to make it easier for people to apply for this insurance; therefore we started the website" The website promises a quick, easy application process so that people who need income protection insurance can get it quickly.

In addition to the streamlined application process, this website offers users a number of free articles about income protection as well which will educate them on the subject. These resources are intended to help people learn about income protection insurance and why it may be important for them to purchase such insurance. Readers can learn the specifics of how income protection works and how they can protect themselves against job loss or other serious financial problems. The website owners hope this information will help South African customers understand the need for this essential kind of insurance.

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