Presenting Epicure Digital NutriLive™ Easy-To-Use Interface to Present Nutritional and Sustainability Information on Menu Boards at NACUFS

Presenting at the NACUFS Annual Conference Epicure Digital NutriLive™ technology to provide foodservice operators with an easy-to-use non-technical interface to present nutritional and sustainability information on digital menu boards to help students make informed choices.

Beverly HIlls, CA, July 09, 2012 --( Epicure Digital Systems, a leader in digital menu boards, presents the Epicure Digital NutriLive™ Nutritional Menu Labeling System for Digital Menu Boards at the NACUFS National Association of College and University Food Services Annual Conference Showcase at the John B. Hynes Veteran’s Memorial Convention Center, Boston, MA. 12-13 July 2012, Booth #715.

At the NACUFS Conference, Epicure Digital will present the Epicure Digital NutriLive™ nutritional and sustainability menu labeling system that allows food services to easily control and present nutritional values, information for customers with special food and nutrition needs, and creative ways to highlight special food items. These nutritional labels can display as nutritional data, nutritional scoring, and icons representing food groups, healthy choices, allergens, vegan, vegetarian, local and organic and others.

"The trend in food service is to provide more nutritious and healthier food choices," said Harvey Friedman, president and founder of Epicure Digital Systems. "Now the challenge is to educate students to choose these healthy items from locally grown produce. By creatively combining our easy-to-use Epicure Digital NutriLive™ nutritional and sustainability menu labeling system with motion graphics and food photography, Epicure Digital produces visually compelling multimedia menus that help students make informed choices."

The Wildflower Cafe in the new 866,000 square foot Elmhurst Memorial Hospital offers healthier food choices and is the latest addition to a growing list of institutions serving up tasty, nutritious meals. When the Hospital decided to implement the Epicure Digital Menu Board System, "the plan was to offer more selections of food, healthier, and more cooked-to order food," said Dave Reeves, Director of Hospitality Services at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital. "Each food station features a wide-screen LCD Epicure Digital Menu Board displaying its menu with nutritional data for calories, protein, carbs, sodium, fat, saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol. We wanted to display the nutritional content of our menu items so our customers would make the best menu selections for their individual needs. The Epicure Digital system accomplishes this," explained Mr. Reeves.

Epicure Digital Systems custom designs highly graphical digital menu board systems to solve each of its food service client’s complex menu engineering issues.

Epicure Digital is a digital menu board company uniquely integrating its expertise in software technology and food service operations and marketing to create digital signage products and services for the food service industry.

Its core product is the Epicure Digital Menu System. Its core services are menu engineering, nutritional menu labeling, and content creation. Its tools increase efficiency, revenues and profitability.

The company differentiates itself from other signage suppliers by specializing in digital menu boards, Epicure Digital is not a general-purpose signage company. Some of the unique Epicure Digital features include:

* Epicure Digital NutriLive™
Easily control nutritional and sustainability menu labeling on your digital menu boards

* Epicure Digital LiveMenu™
Easily rearrange the layout of your digital menu boards

* Epicure Digital LiveText™
Instantly change and update your menu items, descriptions, prices and icons

* Epicure Digital OnlineMenu™
Automatically post your digital menus & promotions on your website

* Epicure Digital WebAccess™
A secure online interface designed to be quick and easy-to-use by non-technical food service personnel

Epicure Digital’s clients include colleges and universities, hospitals, K-12 schools, independent and chain restaurants, contract food service companies, business & industry, and cinemas and casinos among others.

Epicure Digital is a Cisco EcoPartner and provides Cisco Digital Media Suite (DMS) compatible digital menu board solutions using the Cisco DMP 4400 player.

The company’s website ( has an extensive portfolio of its client’s multi-screen and multi-station digital menu board projects.

Visitors at the NACUFS Conference will be able to view animated versions of the Epicure Digital Menu Board System with sustainability and nutritional menu labeling on large LCD screens, including systems recently installed at colleges and universities across the country.
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Epicure Digital
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