Record Company Required to Distribute "Stop All the Clocks Song" by Nemo Shaw

"Songs of Grief and Loss" is looking for a one song distribution deal for "Stop All the Clocks Song."

London, United Kingdom, July 10, 2012 --( 'Stop all the Clocks Song' is described by 'Songs of Grief and Loss' ('SOGL'), as a 'pure and unpretentious song with powerful and incomparable lyrics by W.H. Auden'. It has received positive feedback from numerous and diverse groups around the world: general listeners and YouTube visitors, the grieving, literary magazines, secular, humanist and atheist organizations, as well as religious groups, hospices and funeral directors etc - both in the UK and abroad.

This is the first time that Auden's poem has been transformed into song in a usable and sensitive way, and judging from the response, it looks like an audience is already in waiting. Permission for the musical adaptation has been granted by the Auden estate. The music is composed and sung by emerging Scots-born singer-songwriter, Nemo Shaw. At present, it can be downloaded from Three versions are available to suit the particular loss, namely 'he', she' and 'they'. The accompanying video can be viewed here:

"Now that we have gathered sufficient evidence, we have proof that an audience and a market really do exist for the song. The next step is to find a company that will be able to market and distribute it," said Ann Lewiss of SOGL. "Currently, when individuals and organizations approach us and request CD copies for personal listening, funerals or memorial services, unfortunately, we have to decline. However, we are confident that we will be able to find a major distributor who will believe in this song, as much as we do, and recognize the huge marketing niches that are already out there." The song is not only popular in English-speaking countries, the YouTube French subtitled video is proving a hit as well - with requests coming in for a French version of the song. One comment stated: "the profound and raw lyrics combined with the haunting ambience of the song are reminiscent of Belgian chanteur Jacques Brel."

W.H. Auden's classic poem 'Stop all the Clocks' is also known as 'Funeral Blues', and was popularized in the 1994 film, 'Four Weddings and a Funeral'. The poem remains unparalleled not only as a powerful expression of human love and loss, but also as a truthful depiction of direct grief. "I am confident that this unusual and unique track is a surefire success. This beautifully sad and moving love song has taken off in just a few months. It has already received national and international coverage in online sites such as 'NME', 'Current TV', and has been featured in literary magazines eg 'The Baltimore Review' this month, as well as in funeral industry magazines and journals," said Ann.

The thriving funeral industry business itself is a good illustration of a ready made market niche for the 'Stop all the Clocks Song'. So far, many of its members have welcomed this new musical rendition and see it as a significant addition to the existing body of funeral songs. It also offers an alternative to the poem 'Stop all the Clocks', which is a funeral favourite. Several funeral directors have assured SOGL that they will be recommending the song to families in the future. One group based in New Zealand recently requested a bulk order of CD's, but unfortunately SOGL is not yet in a position to supply them. The market for this song is wide open and vast: 21st century funerals are expected to cater for members of various affiliations: denominational, non-denominational, secular/humanist, atheist, DIY/Green, etc. This poignant song about 'human love and loss' cuts across all barriers - and as such - it is universally applicable.

Nemo Shaw's musical adaptation continues to enjoy a warm reception around the globe - from the UK, to USA, to New Zealand, Australia, South Africa etc. The need for a distributor has become all too apparent, in order to raise awareness of, and circulate this one-off classic, as widely as possible. "I am hopeful of attracting a company with vision, one that can realize the song's potential and recognize the manifold niches - in a steady market that is undying - and therefore everlasting," concluded Ann.

Ann Lewiss
Head of Marketing
Songs of Grief and Loss
Ann Lewiss