Trustwave Security Experts to Present at Application Security Event

Trustwave SpiderLabs to Deliver Training, Presentations and Demonstrations at OWASP AppSec Research

Singapore, Singapore, July 11, 2012 --( Trustwave, a leading provider of cloud-based compliance and information security solutions, today announced that cyber security experts from Trustwave SpiderLabs will deliver training, presentations and demonstrations at the OWASP AppSec Research event in Athens, Greece, 10-13 July.

OWASP AppSec conferences bring together industry, government, security researchers and practitioners to discuss the state of the art in application security. This series was launched in the United States in 2004 and Europe in 2005. Global AppSec conferences are held annually in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Additionally, regional events are held in locations such as Brazil, China, India, Ireland, Israel and Washington D.C.

Trustwave sessions include:

Tuesday, 10 July – Wednesday, 11 July
· David Byrne, Managing Consultant, Trustwave SpiderLabs, and Charles Henderson, Director of Application Security Services, Trustwave SpiderLabs, are hosting a training session, Hack Your Own Code: Advanced Training for Developers. The class will provide developers with a chance to hone their programming skills, whilst also learning to exploit common Web vulnerabilities.

Thursday, 12 July
· Trustwave SpiderLabs’ Byrne and Henderson will present: Screw You and the Script You Rode in On. In this presentation, they will speak about a new open-source tool they have developed and plan to release that uses novel techniques to identify automated access to Websites from things such as scanners, spiders and other automated tools.

· Trustwave’s Director of SpiderLabs EMEA, John Yeo, will host the PCI Security Standards and Application Security discussion panel.

Friday, 13 July
· In their demonstration, Using HASH-based message-authentication-code protocol to reduce web application attack surface, Trustwave SpiderLabs’ Security Researcher, Breno Pinto, and Director of Trustwave SpiderLabs Latin America, Luiz Eduardo Dos Santos, will show a cryptographic protocol to be implemented in a Web Application Firewall in order to reduce the attack surface with minimum impact to the users and zero changes on the Web application itself.

· In Anatomy of a Logic Flaw: Breaking the Myth, Trustwave’s Henderson and Byrne will use real-world examples to show how logic flaws are typically introduced into an application, how they can be detected consistently during testing, and how they can be prevented during development.

· Presenting results from the 2012 Trustwave Global Security Report, Trustwave’s Director of SpiderLabs, Tom Brennan, will identify the top threats encountered by businesses over the past year, based on more than 300 incident investigations, 2,000 penetration tests and 2 million network and application vulnerability scans.

The training, presentations and demonstrations at the OWASP AppSec Research event will be delivered by members of Trustwave SpiderLabs – Trustwave’s team of ethical hackers responsible for application security, incident response and forensics, penetration testing and security research.

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