Coin and Bullion Dealer in Atlanta Implements Better Seller-Friendly Rates & Procedures

A coin and bullion dealer in Atlanta, known for publishing their buying rates online, further improves their pay rates and procedures to the benefit sellers of precious metal bullion and old & rare coins.

Atlanta, GA, January 13, 2013 --( A leading coin and bullion dealer in Atlanta has recently made changes to their website and transaction procedures to make it easier for sellers of gold, silver, and platinum coins and bullion, including old and rare coins, to receive the best rates in Atlanta and beyond. In fact, their tagline is "our published online buying rates help you to receive more for your coins & bullion," and they don't disappoint.

Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers, LLC - has decided to increase their buying rates (or what they pay to sellers) on most coins and bullion that they purchase. Greater buying and selling volume has allowed the firm to increase their already competitive rates, providing even greater value to their customers.

Tony Davis, the principal of the firm states that, "Our business model has always been built on high volume and low margins, and we're thrilled to be able to offer our customers even more competitive buying and selling rates."

Davis states that they have also made several changes to their website and procedures which they believe will be beneficial to their customers.

The family owned and operated company, which differentiates itself from the competition by publishing their buying rates online, has also increased the frequency at which their rates are updated. Their buying rates for coins and bullion composed of precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, are now automatically updated every ten minutes compared to a previous frequency of three to four times a day. Davis says that this change will allow sellers who closely monitor the price of gold and silver to sell at their targeted price.

In addition, the company is also now offering their customers the option to lock in their buying rates as long as the transaction takes place within the same day of receiving a quote. The quote can be made verbally over the phone, via e-mail, or by printing and bringing the buying rates page from the website to an appointment. If the last option is selected, the buying rates page should include the date and time the prices were last updated. For customers who are selling online or by mail, the firm will honor the quoted rates as long as the package is postmarked by no later than the following day.

The company has also expanded the number of items listed on their live online price chart. "We expanded our list of items so that there's now a greater chance that the coins and bullion that our customers are interested in selling are listed on our website. The items listed on our website shouldn't be viewed as a comprehensive list of the coins and bullion that we're interested in purchasing; but rather, a list of some of the most frequently purchased items. We will always purchase any gold, silver, platinum, or palladium coins and bullion (as long as we can identify it) regardless of the condition, size, or country of origin," Davis explains.

Last but not the least; the company has redesigned the homepage of their website to make it easier for customers to access their live price chart. Davis adds that this helps their customers to cut down on the time and effort in locating this information, "as most sellers of gold, silver coins, and platinum bullion are particularly interested in the prices that we're paying."
Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers
Tony Davis