Alteru Inc Creates a New Product Line to Convert Company's Catalogue to iPhone/iPad App

Alteru Inc. is now accepting the request to convert the traditional catalogue to iPhone/iPad application. The new service provided will convert any traditional catalogue to iPhone/iPad app.

Arcadia, CA, July 13, 2012 --( The new service line provided by Alteru Inc will convert the traditional catalogue to iPhone/iPad app. It will charge a one time fee of $500 for everything. It will help to create and host the app in Apple Store for one year. It comes with full technical and customer support. The customer will be charged $100 yearly for maintenance of the app in App store. However, the customers are required to sign the legal document to agree that they will not distribute porn and other illegal material through this application. This is a major step that Alteru Inc. takes to make the world green. The catalogue business has been in the printing sector for many years. Paper has many disadvantages over the digital catalogue. For example, the customer cannot order the products directly when they see it. However, the digital catalogue the company distributes in the iPad will now have the shopping cart. It is so simple to give the customer the ability to make an order. To find out more, please download the "Catalogue" app to create product catalogues and upload to the server maintained by Alteru Inc for distribution.
Kenny Jin