ASTAV Technology to Conquer Theft of Passwords Now Available

ASTAV has spent almost 10 years successfully developing intellectual technological tools to thwart those who want to disrupt online security with malicious or criminal intent. Their systems and patent portfolios will be presented for auction to forward thinking companies on July 26th at ICAP Patent Brokerage.

Mountain View, CA, July 13, 2012 --( In the real world ASTAV patents would save high profile companies any embarrassment and any law suits from Stolen Passwords, because the ASTAV system means these stolen passwords are of no use to the thief.

In the real world it would prevent thieves benefitng from attacks like “Operation High Roller,” $78 million stolen from individuals and still going:

“ASTAV patents mean users are safe even if their password is stolen or compromised,” said Alex Bronstein, President & CTO of ASTAV.

Selected as a disruptive technology by Guidewire Group, for presentation at DEMO’06. SignSafeTM:NOPHISHTM See

ASTAV also has a patent for a powerful and flexible anti-spam arsenal that turns the tables on spammers. SignSafeTM:OFFLISTTM

ASTAV has other patents you may be interested in and they are selling the above patents along with other lots on 26th July 2012. Interested parties should contact Paul Greco whose details are below.

Strong protection against web bots, spamTM, stolen passwords, identity theft;

Information: Paul Greco, ICAP Patent Brokerage, (212) 815-6692

WTRS, West Technology Research Solutions, LLC, is proud to have assisted ASTAV for a long period in structuring their market launch, obtaining Angel funding, image building, and market positioning.
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