Miami Orthodontics Provider Explains Why Protruding Teeth Are Dangerous

Miami Orthodontics providers Dr. Phillip Kaner and Dr. Pedro Alquizar explain how protruding front teeth can be dangerous and what parents can do to protect their children from tooth damage and loss.

Miami, FL, July 15, 2012 --( Miami orthodontics expert Dr. Phillip Kaner and Dr. Pedro Alquizar are seeing more and more dental injuries where the front teeth have been damaged, broken or knocked out, and they want parents to know how to prevent these serious dental injuries.

"There are certain malocclusions like prominent or protruding front teeth that make them more prone to damage, but early orthodontic treatment can correct the problem by moving teeth out of the dangerous 'fracture zone,'" says Alquizar, a child and adult orthodontist.

Not only does getting braces early reduce the risk of injury, it also has many other benefits. Certain orthodontic issues can be fixed more quickly when the child is young and the malocclusion, meaning a bad bite, is related to jaw growth because the orthodontist can guide the jaw into place as it develops.

Jaw misalignment is apparent by age seven when the American Association of Orthodontists recommends children see an orthodontist for an evaluation. A bad bite can cause problems like headaches, chewing problems and delayed speech development.

"Extremely crowded teeth can cause the supporting bone and gums to thin and recede, sometimes even impacting permanent teeth," says Kaner, a Pinecrest braces provider. "It is not a condition parents should assume their children will outgrow."

What To Do In Case Of Emergency
When there is a dental emergency, act as quickly as possible to save the tooth roots and increase the chance of successful re-implantation.

First find the pieces of teeth that were broken or knocked out. Do not touch the roots. Hold it by the crown instead.

Whenever possible, put the tooth back into place. Otherwise, place the tooth or tooth fragments in a glass of milk-not water-or use a tooth preservation product like Save-A-Tooth.

Call the dentist right away, or head to the closest hospital.

"The risk of dental injuries can be greatly reduced by following a few simple suggestions like wearing protective gear during all athletic events and getting braces for teeth that are protruding," says Kaner, the Palmetto Bay orthodontist.

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