Local New Hampshire Teens to Raise Money by Playing Video Games for an Entire Weekend

Bedford, NH, July 17, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Last year, the New Hampshire Charity Gamers ran a three-day "Game-A-Thon" (a video game marathon), in which all the proceeds went towards the American Diabetes Association. With only a live streaming of the video, three days worth of energy drinks, and jokes to run on, the team hunkered down to play various video games to support the ADA. When it was over, $300+ were donated to this cause. This year, the NHCG have returned for yet another "Game-A-Thon."

When asked why they wanted to do another marathon, founder James Frain replied, "I thought it was fun, and I would really like to help more people again with another Game-A-Thon." This year, James, his younger brother Liam Frain, and a soon-to-be-announced third member will be playing games of the "horror" genre, and the donations will go to the organization dedicated to help occupy children in hospitals, named Child's Play.
New Hampshire Charity Gamers
James Frain