Demokratee Opens Doors, Brings Crowdfunding to T-Shirts

New Website Allows T-Shirt Designers to Market, Fund, and Produce T-Shirt Design Concepts

New York, NY, July 18, 2012 --( Demokratee LLC, a New York-based company, has started a website that allows t-shirt designers to obtain crowdfunding from consumers to produce, promote, and distribute their t-shirt design concepts. The new website, offers a range of features and services for designers who need support and funding to bring their designs to life.

Currently, there are several options for a designer to create a t-shirt line and sell it to consumers. However, most of these options are limited or prohibitively costly. Designers can resort to crowdsourcing, but most crowdsourcing companies give designers only a small upfront payment or tiny commission for t-shirt sales. Similarly, a designer can post their design to a print-on-demand site, but will lose almost all of their profits to the distributor. A designer can fund their own line, in the hopes that it will be popular, but there is no sales guarantee and upfront costs can be prohibitively high. Demokratee eliminates all of these drawbacks, providing t-shirt designers with the funds they need and guaranteeing that their design sells even before it's turned into a physical product.

Demokratee uses crowdfunding to support t-shirt designs, and generates revenue with a small commission from each contribution made on the site by its users. Nearly all of the profits generated go directly to the t-shirt designers. Designers who do not have production equipment can use Demokratee's free consulting services to get in touch with a screen printing shop to produce the design once it's funded. Alternatively, Demokratee offers t-shirt production and distribution services for a small fee to designers who do not have the time or resources to produce and distribute their t-shirt lines by themselves.

Project contributors will have the opportunity to help create, and get ahold of exclusive new t-shirts that aren't yet on the market in major retail chains.

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